07 November 2014


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 07 November

"Lead, follow, or get out of the way." Thomas Paine

The debate continues about Tuesday's election results. Was it about President Obama? Was it about President Obama's policies? Was it about loss of confidence in Democrats? Was it about confidence in Republicans to right the left listing, sinking ship? Was it something else?

It was all the above.

But today's comment is about President Obama and how he stacks up against the U. S. Marine Corps 14 leadership traits:

Justice: Compromised. An agenda-driven Cabinet, led by the Attorney General, unfairly targeted Americans who rightfully stood opposed to President Obama. That is wrong. And a racist government the conclusion.

Judgment: Compromised. Attending fund-raisers and golfing on the backs of American murders abroad, by our enemies, unconscionable. 

Dependability: Compromised. One sentence, "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Initiative:  Compromised. Nothing has gotten done to better America.

Decisiveness: Compromised. There is nothing wrong with being deliberate before making decisions. But decision-making is leadership.

Tact: Compromised. Three words from a first term speech when speaking of fellow Americans who disagreed with him, "Punish our enemies...".

Integrity: Compromised. Pick an issue - a scandal, a crime.

Enthusiasm: Compromised. Except for celebrity fund-raisers and golf.

Bearing: Compromised. In demeanor and appearance there is that necessary aura of being presidential - "The police acted stupidly..."; "If I had a son he'd look like Trayvon..."; and Mom jeans.

Unselfishness: Compromised. His macro fault being the inability to compromise on the right and necessary matters for country.

Courage: Compromised. Drawing a red line, not enforcing it, and then denying drawing it is cowardice. And so our enemies emboldened - posturing, taunting, threatening, and murdering.

Knowledge: Compromised. For starters, ignorance about basic economics - "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else built that...".

Loyalty: Compromised. Abetting corruption does not count.

Endurance: Compromised. It is impossible to endure when disengaged from duty.  

The leadership traits, collectively, reveal (a person's) character. That is, truth.

The moral conscience seeks truth.

Thus, on Tuesday past the moral conscience of America's citizenry sent three clear messages to fellow citizens representing them:

1) Mr. President, we do not trust you. Nor do we endorse your failed policies;
2) Democrats, you are known by the company you keep;
3) Republicans, gloating is not a leadership trait. Shut up and fix this mess or your tenure brief.


Traits matter.

In closing,

President Obama's way is to talk. His words empty - that he has made perfectly clear. Pay attention to what he does. Wednesday's press conference was more empty words - lacking humility in defeat, sincerity, and conviction with the tone he intends to stay his faltering, destructive course. 

Thomas Paine's opening quote pertains...

President Obama and his party did not lead, follow, nor get out of the way. To the contrary, they got in the way. Consequently, they got run over. 

Soon the Republicans wield power. And that they must. They must lead. And that leadership begins with holding President Obama accountable - not tip-toeing around him because he's black. If he breaks the law (or is proven to have broken law), proceed to impeach.

Those who advise against (impeachment) fail to understand Americans, by and large, are a color-blind, fair-minded lot. Otherwise a black president would have never been elected in the first place. Much less re-elected.

That is the only black and white variable in play.

Fail to understand and act in accordance with our Constitution - Republicans - and you, too, will be run over.  

Post Script

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