14 October 2014


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"It's impossible to kill a stupid idea." HQMC action officer (any savvy one)
For today, cynicism. Humor. And, of course, truth.

No longer is the topic of women serving in ground combat - especially the infantry - of interest.

Though a stupid idea clearly it's a done deal - while steadily being cleverly implemented under the ruse of gender-norming strenuous physical duties; carefully controlled "field" (lab) conditions; selective and skewed measuring methods; cherry-picking data; creative "analysis"; and downright false reporting.

And that's only what's been gleaned from public and sundry behind-the-scene sources. Reality is surely worse.

This morning a retired Marine pal sent along the next under link. The article is about a mixed gender experiment. 

Attention-getting is the line, "The experiment will take roughly nine months..."

Which, coincidentally, happens to be, roughly, the period for human gestation.

Nature being what it is, wagers the test unit's endstrength is greater at experiment's end?

And yet the unit's readiness disproportionately diminished.

Makes for an interesting graph.

And that is but one aspect of the looming disaster.

But an expert I'm not.

So, in conclusion, again, the definitive word on women in combat - offered by a warrior, an infantryman, who knew exactly what he was talking about.

A more expert credible source there's not; still. Yet no one is listening. And for that there'll be a hefty price paid - not a prediction but a guarantee.
A sage Marine speaks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fy--whDNNKk

Post Script

Considering the current political environment and the goings-on at DoD and HQMC, the agenda's set and no one should expect an iota of truth (from neither the experiment nor headquarters).

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John Skoufis said...

How very true. This is exactly what this America hating president wants. A military force that has been castrated and no longer capable of defending itself or being a power across the world. Send troops to fight Ebola but not to fight for freedom.