28 September 2014


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 28 September 2014

"Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more." General George S. Patton, U. S. Army

Two books.

Three words resonated.

Wednesday past I finished reading '13 Hours' (in Benghazi) - the nonfiction firsthand account by the operators who fought the terrorists who attacked the American compound and annex.

Their story is a gripping account at the tactical level of their 13 hours gunfight. And their conclusion the four American deaths were preventable (had their immediate response to calls for help not been delayed, and their calls for help brought man and firepower).

The ground truth stands in stark contrast to the ridiculous fiction told by President Obama, Secretary of State Clinton, et al.

And the ground truth stands in stark contrast to the Accountability Review Board (ARB) report conducted and signed by Ambassador Tom Pickering and Admiral Mike Mullen, U. S. Navy. Their politically-driven incomplete work omitted review of all relevant documents (surely they got wind of the purging of records damaging to the secretary of state) and sworn statements by key parties (to include the secretary of state). 

Throughout the book a single word - truth.

Yet politicians and analysts and speculators and partisan hacks with an agenda who were not in the fight, nor anywhere near, label these courageous gunfighters and patriots liars. But what would be their motive to lie? Vice the motives of their accusers (to lie)?

Finding truth now rests with Congressman Trey Gowdy (R, SC) and his investigative committee.

America waits. At least some of America - the some that cares.

Two days later I finished 'Killing Patton' by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard.


Two words on page 226 - American gullibility - struck like a sledge hammer and haunted throughout the rest of the book. Still they do.

America, and the world, paid (and still are) for that gullibility (as to engagement with sick butcher dictators - Hitler; Mussolini; Stalin).

Now some 70+ years later a blood-thirsty enemy is (and has been for decades) attacking America.

In recent weeks two Americans abroad (a Brit and Frenchman, too) have had their heads cut off for no other reason than being American. Two days ago an innocent American women, at her place of work in Oklahoma, had her head cut off by an angry Muslim.

Muslims attacked and murdered on 9/11/01 and again on 9/11/12.

A Muslim wearing our military uniform (while a loyal soldier of Islam) attacked and killed aboard Fort Hood. That act of masquerade, in time of war (which we are engaged), is grounds for firing squad. Why was (Major) Nidal Malik Hasan not dragged before a firing squad soon after his murderous rampage? And why is he still alive? And why has Alton Alexander Nolan (who beheaded Colleen Hufford in Oklahoma) not already been dragged before a firing squad?

As it turned out General Patton, though believed by his seniors (e.g., generals Bradley, Eisenhower, Marshall) to be losing his mental faculties, accurately predicted the aftermath of World War II.

He was not crazy but a blunt-spoken realist warrior.

And American gullibility soon substantiated.

So here we are.

The truth is terrorists - Muslims - are continuing to attack and murder Americans. 

We're in a war! Declared upon us.

The likes of the sick butchers still are (and ever will be).  

More American gullibility?

General Patton left a lesson, a message.

Attack! Attack! And attack some more.

Where's "Patton"? 

And this time will leadership listen?

Post Script

Recommend the books. Thought-provoking.  

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Anonymous said...

Well written Sir, well written.

Cowardly and destructive agendas run rampant in what passes for an American administration. It is not.

We are being invaded from the south as well as by liberal (heh) immigration from all the places that want us dead and / or under the islamic flag.

WWIII, an extension of WWII which was never finalized has been going on now for well over twenty years.

Until we are willing to repel these invasions there is no hope as the invaders become more numerous with every passing minute...