15 August 2014


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 15 August 2014

"No amount of law enforcement can solve a problem that goes back to the family." J. Edgar Hoover

Here we go again.

A short while ago news - clowns have been demanding (the name of the police officer) - broke from the town of Ferguson, Missouri, about the police shooting death of Michael Brown.

Ah, but the pesky truth is emerging.

Darren Wilson is the police officer.

And now it comes out that Officer Wilson stopped the 6'4" nearly 300 pounds Mr. Brown because he fit the description of someone who'd just committed a strong-arm robbery (of cigars valued at about $50.00) at a convenience store. And video surveillance supports.

The clowns, from and not from Ferguson, caused a ruckus for days, and nights. And a lot of damage they did to person and property venting their anger. Misplaced venting. Unjustified venting.

Reports to date have been Mr. Brown was unarmed. Will that hold true?

Reports are Officer Wilson was treated for facial injuries. Will that hold true? Did Mr. Brown assault Officer Wilson?

Let's get some more truth in the public domain.

Questions for the Ferguson Chief of Police and Mr. Brown's family - to be addressed at a press conference, if you please...

Was Mr. Brown a productive citizen of Ferguson?

Was Mr. Brown a high school graduate?

Did Mr. Brown have a job?

Where did Mr. Brown live - on own or at home?

How did Mr. Brown support himself?

Did Mr. Brown own a firearm - registered or otherwise?

Did Mr. Brown have a police record?

And that's for starters.

Then apply all the above questions to the people - the clowns, each and all, participating in the violence.

So it is...

Pick a town. It just so happens to be Ferguson this time.

Pick a name. It just so happens to be Brown this time.

The clowns, those who immediately jump to protest and violence, are always the same. The faces change.

The pesky truth makes them clowns.

Race, the coward's call, has nothing to do with it.

For now, Officer Wilson merits benefit of the doubt. Just maybe, if indeed being assaulted by an enormous Mr. Brown going for his firearm, he feared for his life. And took life to preserve life. So the case seems to be taking shape.  

Rest easy, Attorney General Holder will get to the bottom of it. After all, it's his people - even though we're all Americans.

Even President Obama has wisely called for calm - refraining from saying the police acted stupidly or making a Trayvon Martin-type remark that Michael Brown could have been his son.  

Yes, while the smoke clears, let's wait and see; calmly.

 Post Script

More truth to come.

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Scotty Scott said...

Excellent observations and questions. I have always believed that justice will be served if we can be patient enough.