25 August 2014


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 25 August 2014

"There is more stupidity than hydrogen in the universe, and it has a longer shelf life." Frank Zappa

ISIS: Enemy of the United States of America, and freedom lovers and seekers the world over, who have vowed to raise their colors atop our White House. They are a ruthless outfit of Muslim (Religion of Peace) extremists who have wrecked, burned, raped, and murdered innocents in Syria and Iraq.

Last week ISIS cut the head off of America, of Barack Obama (James Foley as proxy). They made a YouTube of the murder. And challenged us, the United States. The president has yet to figure out it was his head that was cut off.

ICE US: The bucket of ice water atop one's head craze going around the country where folks are challenged, in the name of a fund-raiser for ALS, to douse themselves and/or donate $100.00. YouTube is the medium of choice for recording the act and extending challenges.

There's no question more Americans know more about ICE US than ISIS. And that, sadly, is disappointing but not shocking.

ISIS is working to attack and destroy America - whilst Americans are playing a game of ICE US (ALS a worthy cause, mind you, but more on this in a moment).

It's insanity!

Last week the vice president, secretary of state, secretary of defense, and chairman of the joint chiefs said ISIS was unlike any threat America has seen, more dangerous than al Qaeda, and they must be not contained but destroyed.

In less than a handful of days these same gents, who have all sworn allegiance to our Constitution and country (not Barack Obama), are now back-peddling on their assessments. The chairman of the joint (the operative word that explains foggy state of mind though it's not legal in D.C. - yet) chiefs (General Martin Dempsey, U.S. Army) now questioning whether or not ISIS is indeed a threat to our homeland. Until such time (his opinion) he cannot recommend military action.

Somebody, anybody, ICE US General Dempsey's head. Shock him back to reality.

As for ISIS, Mr. President your next move simple. Tell them, "I see your chopped off head and raise you nuclear extinction." And bomb them! Think of it as glow ball - night golf. Surely you've played? And so others are served notice. Go ahead and yell "Fore" if you wish.

As for ICE US, a friend, known for doing his homework, took a look at tax year 2013 on the ALS website: www.alsa.org and what he reported is about one-third of every donated dollar is dedicated to research. Some two-thirds of the revenue go to overhead -  salaries, other expenses, and elsewhere.

Is that an appropriate distribution of hard-earned American dollars gifted in good faith?

That's for each donor to decide. But do your homework before opening your bank account, and partaking in an ice water shower.

Frankly, America has gone mad. ISIS is horrific - and they carried out a personal event against us last week. How many know about them and the gruesome murder of our countryman? What America needs is a mega ICE US event - to shock everyone back into the real world. Pay (not with money but brains) attention to what's happening in our country and pay attention to those who aim to destroy us. ISIS is not dumping buckets of ice water atop heads and giggling. ISIS is cutting heads off and promising to cut more American heads off. You or yours could be next.

That head grotesquely hacked off last week surely could have been Barack Obama's had ISIS gotten their hands on him. What a tragedy an innocent man, James Foley, was the stand in. Him we honor. But not those not taking our enemies seriously - off with their heads.  

Finally, no, I have not nor will not participate in the ALS challenge. There are equally important, if not more so, causes I support (with better history of the money going to the principle purpose). Besides, the last time I participated in an ice water event was the Quigley - a full body experience in below freezing temperatures. And I vowed never again. If you don't know what the Quigley is then you don't need to know - you're not in the club.

In closing, I challenge every American to engage - to get and stay informed of what's going on in America, in the world. Sorry, I don't do YouTube.

Post Script 

Want to donate to a worthy cause? Consider the 'Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund' - www.semperfifund.org - a hefty percentage of donations go to Marines and Marine families (because largely volunteers steer and manage the program). And, there's no call to dump a bucket of ice water atop your head.

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Anonymous said...

Huzzah on the link to the Semper Fi fund! Not sure I'm down with dumping water when there are droughts...

It is indisputable that ISIS is evil.
My question is - what evidence exists to support the assertion that (a) ISIS can be eradicated; and that (b) the eradication of ISIS, if possible, would stabilize the region?

Long Time Anonymous Lurker