09 August 2014


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 09 August 2014

"Peace is purchased from strength. It's not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats." Benjamin Netanyahu

ISIS, the ruthless Religion of Peace radicals "army" causing havoc - death and destruction ripping people and things to pieces - in Iraq (and elsewhere) with aim to erect a caliphate, declared objective to raise their black colors in our White House.

They say they're coming.

They mean it.


Mr. President, this is not Stratego - the Hasbro board game where opponents attempt to find and capture each other's flag nor capture so many pieces the opponent is not able to make a move. And the game ends in 30 minutes or an hour; give or take.

No, Sir, this is not Stratego. Nor a game of any sort. War it is.

Your duty is to protect and defend the United States of America.

That means not just this week or next but to have the vision, the strategic vision, and most importantly the stomach to act with preemptive attack to preserve our sovereignty ensuring our safety as far into the future as possible. 

Helping the Kurds (Christians, et al.) with humanitarian aid as to food, water, and clothing is an American moral obligation. It is duty. Likewise is protecting them, the defenseless, from brutal savages with designs of slaughter our moral duty. If not us, who?

But more so it is your duty to take enemy threats to encroach on our homeland and capture our colors (replacing them in the White House) with steely-eyed gravity.

Their serious threat demands a serious response. And disproportionately so.

As such, selective engagement of ISIS is not the answer. It is in fact emboldening weakness. 

No prisoners. Kill them! Kill them all! 

"Fore" is golf course etiquette of fair warning. It's absence, "Surprise," a Principle of War.

So, surprise them - order their total destruction. Then take your balls and go tee off - and be quiet (another golf course courtesy); no matter the direction.

There are no mulligans amongst serious golfers.

And there are no mulligans in war.

Post Script   

Contrary to what the President believes, America is not being dragged back into another war. A sworn, determined enemy leveled a direct and intimate threat against us. They must be destroyed; completely. Now! End of story.   


Anonymous said...

This is feckless president with a feckless strategy, if it can even be called a strategy. The Iraqi government is corrupt and the Iraqi military is composed of undisciplined cowards.

We need to supply the Kurds with modern military equipment directly and not through Malaki. After all, ISIS is fully equipped with US arms from the cowardly Iraqis. We must have a named event with the purpose of annihilating every ISIS vehicle and troop concentrations.

Anonymous said...

I was beginning to wonder if the US/Friends were just going to set back and watch the region fall to the extremists.

I guess we should not be concerned with a Religion that it has the objective of taking over the world and force us to become believers. Of course only about 10% of the Muslim world is extremists, or about 200 million, nothing to worry about?