29 August 2014


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 29 August 2014

"The difference in golf and government is that in golf you can't improve your lie."
George Deukmejian

Earlier today United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron held a press conference delivering, with conviction, remarks and answering media questions about the urgent and growing terrorism, ISIS, threat.

Mr. Cameron announced that threat of attack in the UK was elevated from substantial to severe. And he said in so many words that the Brits would not spectate but engage, endure, and prevail. His answers to media questions were direct.

Mr. Cameron appeared knowledgeable, in charge, confident, determined - as our president should have yesterday.

In contrast, President Obama said he did not have a strategy for dealing with ISIS (that contrary to his remarks months ago - and months before that). He appeared disengaged and downright confused. And exhausted from vacationing.

With little more than 28 months remaining in office President Obama has made it clear he will address and club as many problems (balls) as possible. Every one a lie; some bad.

So later today, not to be outdone by our mates across the Atlantic, the White House will release the president's recently crafted 'Strategy 18.' 

A copy was leaked.

'Strategy 18'...

1. Augusta National G.C. - Augusta, GA
2. Pine Valley G. C. - Pine Valley, NJ
3. Shinnecock Hills G. C. - Southampton, NJ
4. Oakmont C. C. - Oakmont, PA
5. Cypress Point Club - Pebble Beach, CA
6. Pebble Beach G. Links - Pebble Beach, CA
7. Merion G. C. (East) - Ardmore, PA
8. Winged Foot G. C. (West) - Mamaroneck, NY
9. Sand Hills G. C. Mullen, NE
10. National G. Links of America - Southampton, NY
11. Fishers Island Club - Fishers Island, NY
12. Crystal Downs C. C. - Frankfort, MI
13. Seminole G. C. - Juno Beach, FL
14. The Alotian Club - Roland AR
15. Pacific Dunes - Brandon, OR
16. The Country Club - Brookline, MA
17. Whistling Straits - Haven, WI
18. Chicago, G. C. - Wheaton, IL

No need to draw red lines (nor big blue arrows), Mr. President. Worry only about alignment and hit 'em long and straight.


Post Script

Courses subject to change. Ten minutes before each tee time will be blocked in case impromptu press conference necessary.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe Winged Foot today. Attending wedding in Westchester this afternoon. Time for a nice 18 at WFGC before the big political donor wedding. Meatime, while he fiddles, Rome burns