14 June 2014


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 14 June 2014

"True faith is belief in the reality of absolute values." William Ralph Inge

There's been more than a few queries asking about comment on this week's political upset.

So, here it is - short and sweet...

A few days ago House Majority Leader Eric Cantor lost the (Republican) primary for Virginia's 7th Congressional District to Dave Brat.


Yes, Dave Brat.

Poor Dave Brat.

Mr. Brat managed to raise about $200K for his campaign (and didn't spend it all).

Mr. Cantor's bank account was in access of $5M.

Mr. Cantor outspent Mr. Brat some 40 to 1.

And Cantor lost by 12 points. Ouch! But in defeat Mr. Cantor was gracious.

Mr. Brat's victory was not a fluke.

Ironically, Mr. Brat's victory can be explained in one word: Value.

That is, not the value of cash but the value of values.

Mr. Brat ran on good old traditional American values of 1) less government; 2) conservative economics - balanced budgets; 3) free markets; 4) hard work and reward; 5) faith in God; and a bit more that rang sweet with the men and women on the street - who'd grown short on and sick of Mr. Cantor's coziness with big government and big business and deafness to the people's voice.

And so the people reminded Mr. Cantor who's in charge. They whipped his (a)$$(ets).

Sure Mr. Brat had some help getting his message out through power players (e.g., Laura Ingraham; Ann Coulter; Mark Levin) in conservative talk radio.

There's everything right with that.

On the left, pols, analysts, talking heads, hacks, and whiners have concocted all sorts of nutty alibis and explanations why Mr. Cantor lost.

Nonsense all and there's everything wrong with that - sore losers.

It is simple - Mr. Brat valued values (not dollars). And so did the voters. He won.

And there's a lot more of that to come.

Bet on it!

Post Script

Mr. Cantor's legacy is secure - his defeat as House Majority Leader the first time since the position was created (in the 19th Century).

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