07 March 2014


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 07 March 2014

"Do your duty and a little more and the future will take care of itself." Andrew Carnegie

In USA TODAY 03.05.14...

Better-liked than during her 2008 Democratic race

The opening sentence of that article by Susan Page: Hillary Rodham Clinton would enter the 2016 presidential race better liked and more respected than she was when she ran for the Democratic nomination in 2008, a USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll finds.

How clueless is the average American?!

First thought that came to mind was her 2008 presidential campaign ad that centered around 'the 03:00am phone call' - and her (baseless) claim to be the most qualified candidate to take and handle that crisis call.

That thought was followed by her failure four years later - 11 September 2012 - to take that crisis call. In essence her phone (and phones of others, too) rang non-stop for more than eight hours. Not only did she did not answer the phone she consciously ignored the ringing - while during the incessant ringing four Americans, amongst them our Ambassador, were murdered during a terrorist attack. It was a catastrophe that did not have to be.

A couple of hours after reading the newspaper article, mulling it over, and thinking about the absurdity of Clinton having the gall to so much as consider a run for president, I tracked the next 8 1/2 hours of my day (in the context of a ringing phone).  

As follows...

1030: Depart quarters for drive to Coachella Valley (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1115: Arrive CostCo - believe it or not, to buy phones and nothing more (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1130: Depart CostCo (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1140: Arrive cinema complex to see 'Lone Survivor' - read the book a year ago (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1420: Depart cinema complex - thinking more about the stupid USA TODAY article (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1440: Arrive Trader Joe's (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1500: Depart Trader Joe's - cashier asked if I was a Marine, for how long, and thanked me for service (Clinton's phone is ringing)
1525: Arrive Agua Caliente Casino (Clinton's phone is ringing)
1645: Depart Agua Caliente Casino - played penny slots and left a buck (Clinton's phone is ringing)

1705: Arrive Blue Coyote for dinner - chips and salsa and guacamole and red snapper with a Corona while the sun set (Clinton's phone is ringing)
1810: Depart Blue Coyote - it's dark (Clinton's phone is ringing)
1900: Arrive quarters (Clinton's phone is ringing)

Think about a telephone ringing - for 8 1/2 hours. 

The math... assuming a ring every 5 seconds ... 12 rings per minute; 720 rings per hour; 6,120 rings during 8 1/2 hours (that is if my math is correct).

And then America learned of the destruction of (American) property; the brutal murders in Benghazi; and desperate calls for help that went unanswered.

Why? (Who?; What?; When; Where? noted)

America still does not know.

What America does know...

Hillary Clinton failed her call.

Then she helped fabricate a ridiculous lie about failing her call.

Then she told that ridiculous lie to the families of those murdered about failing her call. 

Then she told that ridiculous lie to America about failing her call.

Then she had others, including President Obama, tell that ridiculous lie to America and the world about failing her call.

Then she feigned illness to delay testimony about failing her call.

Then she lied under oath to congress and defiantly dismissed her dereliction, and the four murders, as if it was no big deal about failing her call.

As Secretary of State it was her sworn duty to protect Americans, particularly those serving country, abroad. 

Hillary Clinton failed! Plain and simple, it was dereliction - the truth is she ignored the ringing phone. And she lied.

Per Andrew Carnegie's opening thought, not only did Clinton not do her duty she did less.

In summary, yes, others too, were responsible. But Hillary Clinton could have answered the phone and acted forcefully. It was her duty to do so. She did not. And she could have acted, as in ordering preventative measures, long before the attack ever happened. It was her duty to do so. She did not.

That Hillary Clinton failed is a matter of incompetence and dereliction of duty. That she lied is a serious matter of character deficiency.

Even in high office, incompetence and dereliction is somewhat forgivable.

Deceit is not forgivable, no matter the office.

Hillary Clinton gains respect?

Based on what?


Than what? A root canal? Brain surgery?

Hillary Clinton does not merit respect. And who cares about likability. She is unqualified and unfit for public service. She is not qualified, by any means nor stretch of the imagination, to be a candidate for president.

Yes, indeed, the future should take care of itself.

There was stupid haste, for which America is paying dearly, seating the current president - a mistake that must not be made electing the next one; color and gender be damn. 

So, answer the phone, on the first ring, America!

And that's calling it the way it is.

In closing and bluntly...

In essence, Clinton (and others) urinated on our brother Americans while they were in battle - outnumbered and under heavy fire on foreign soil. Again urinated on them (and their families) in death. And the disgrace continues.

Were Clinton a Marine, keeping with due process, she'd have long ago been charged and tried (probably punished). Career over.

With those at the highest levels of public service, uniformed and civilian, (leading Marines et al.) there is a greater expectation of competency, responsibility, and accountability. And moral courage.

Where have been those (Commandant of the Marine Corps et al.), with nothing to lose, who have so aggressively (standing accused of doing so maliciously violating due process) gone after a few young Marine snipers for urinating on dead enemy?  

Folks, you have no courage and your ethics are out of line. How's your conscience?


Post Script

Recommend 'Lone Survivor' - book and movie. That story, as told by (Petty Officer) Marcus Luttrell, goes to answering the call (and phones, too) - on the first ring. Quite the contrast to the Benghazi fiasco.

Author's Endnote

That the USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll found clueless adults (sample size 1,002) in America comes as no surprise. Anymore, that is not difficult to do. But, for good of country, the clueless must tune in and get clued in. 

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