17 December 2013


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 17 December 2013

"If it's a penny for your thoughts and you put in your two cents worth, then someone, somewhere is making a penny." Stephen Wright

For today, a little humor; less humor; opinion; sarcasm; cynicism; witty repartee; art; recommendations; and seasonal spirit but all truth to entertain while keeping in mind the worst of it could always be worse (maybe).

Just back from a change of command and time spent with a unit of remarkable U. S. Navy Sailors. With some exceptions, our citizenry does not deserve the protection offered by those who choose to serve. But they get it anyway. And at a damn bargain. That the pending budget cuts the COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) for veterans under age 62, any veteran, is a damn crime. Where's public outrage from the 99% (who do not serve and many who would not)?

It should be easier, not more difficult, to remove someone from office than to vote them in. And, there should be pain, of some sort, for screwing up - whether incompetent or malicious. That is, voters suffer pain why not the source?

Starting in The White House and running through the Cabinet and Congress, the standard disclaimer by each officeholder should be, "I'm not a competent executive but play one in government."

Santa Claus is white. Get over it! That is the history of Santa. Look it up. But, he may also be black, brown, yellow, red, and green with red (Christmas) balls and tinsel underwear. Who cares! If you do then obviously you've missed the spirit of Santa and don't have enough to do. Good grief. Go volunteer somewhere.

Crying babies on airplanes should be outlawed. "Crying" adults too.

Oh, you're a Marine but can't remember your platoon number nor the names of your drill instructors? Then it's time to shut up (and move along) because you're talking to a Marine who knows you're a detestable fraud (and is showing considerable restraint by not laughing in your face).

A United States president who takes a 'selfie' during a funeral (whether the deceased is a world figure or the family crazy uncle) should be subjected to psychiatric evaluation. And removed from office, anyway.

The fielding of Obamacare validates the stupidity of those who voted for Obama. And the incurable idiocy of those who voted for him twice. The grand mess - loss of healthcare coverage; higher premiums; less services; broken entry portal (website); et al. - is your just reward (and burden to all others). Shut your mouth! Then, open up and take your medicine. And don't forget to bend over.

If you haven't read John Grisham's 'Calico Joe' - a clever blend of fact and fiction about baseball - then read it (it'll momentarily take your mind off most everything else).

If you haven't read Winston Groom's 'The Aviators - Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh and the Epic Age of Flight' then read it, too. Unless you're a serious aviation enthusiast and already know their stories you'll be enlightened (considerably) and about a lot more than just flying. They were average guys, at times below average, who did above average things. That they were crazy proved to their advantage (sometimes), and our (and the world's) gain.

Don't waste your time reading anything by Barack Obama. He didn't write that - someone else did, someone else made that happen.

Smiling at a toddler having a tough day can work wonders - for them and you.

It's amazing how many experts (who've not served in the military) there are on the matter of women serving in ground combat specialties to include the infantry. Why didn't their genius ancestors think of this 200 years ago?

Think you have problems? Go visit patients on a lung transplant step-down or chemotherapy unit.

Folks in their 70s and 80s (and 90s) with jet black hair look ridiculous. Friends do not let friends do that. Yes, folks, others (including your "friends") are snickering.

Folks, of any age, with excessive collagen in their face look ridiculous, too. Find new friends.

Please, please, government - do not allow cell phone calls on airplanes. Nothing is so important that calls cannot wait until after the flight. A boisterous seatmate is one thing. Dozens of them (letting everyone know how important they are) will drive up alcoholism. Thus beware unintended consequences.

Remember, Hillary Clinton lied (and under oath, too) about the four Americans - under her responsibility while Secretary of State - murdered in Benghazi on the anniversary of 9/11 more than a year ago. Truth there's not yet. And there is talk of the presidency for her? Where are the stupid? And where are the idiots? She's counting on you. Oh, rest assured she'll not be receiving Christmas cards (nor campaign contributions) from the families of the deceased. Nor me.

The colors of Christmas...
If you didn't know yellow green and blue green are the split complements of red then you don't know as much about color as you think you know. If you didn't know red orange and red violet are the split complements of green, likewise. Can you figure out blue?

Haddon Sundblom painted a wonderful Santa - for Coca Cola. White his Santa was (per history). So what. Great art! And he - Santa and Sundblom - sold crates and crates and crates of Coke. Everyone understands green.

Watch 'It's a Wonderful Life,' 'A Christmas Story,' and 'White (as in snow) Christmas' at least once. And 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' - it ends well.

And in closing, listen to the Brian Setzer Orchestra's arrangement of Christmas tunes (several CDs) - music that'll perk you up. Yes, Mr. Setzer plays and sings a 'mean' Grinch.

Great art is simple.

Merry Christmas!

Post Script

Santa Claus is watching and listening! So is the NSA.

Author's Endnote

Blue split complements - yellow orange and red orange.


Dottie Jean said...

Andy ... that hair color rule of yours .... I'm sure you'd agree that red was fine for people in their 70's. And even if you don't, I'm going to stay a redhead.

Unknown said...

If the military had a union, I suspect they would not be getting any reduction in benefits.