15 October 2013


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 15 October 2013

"It may be that all games are silly. But then, so are humans."
                                                                                               Robert Lynd

Years ago I lost interest in professional football. The reasons too numerous to address and they matter not.

But this name stuff in the headlines - the Washington Redskins - has caught my attention. 


Combat deaths, murders of Americans serving abroad, and sundry disconcerting domestic current events, more than should be surrounding our president, garner less attention by most media.

From what's been reported, the vast majority, including Native Americans, do not take offense to the name 'Redskins.'

The majority (that is, those who buy tickets, concessions, merchandise, and tune in on TV) in the greater capital region do not want the team name changed. It's good business practice to not offend your customers, your fan base.

Ergo, team owner, Daniel Snyder, has vowed to never change the name.

But if Mr. Snyder is even lightheartedly mulling over buckling to nonsensical politically correct pressure from whacko pinheads (including self-absorbed politicians and sports commentators suffering foot-in-mouth syndrome), whose numbers are in the minuscule minority (free to vote with eyes, feet, and pocketbook), following are five options...

1. Keep 'skins' and change 'Red' to...

B. Deep-fried
C. Fore
D. Pork
E. Thin

2. Keep 'Red' and change 'skins' to...

A. beans
B. hats
C. heads
D. herring
E. hots

3. Keep the logo but with new patriotic color scheme and change 'Redskins' to 'RedWhite&Blueskins.'

4. Keep 'Redskins' but change the logo to a potato (all sorts of possibilities for a mascot, merchandise, and concessions).

5. Create something new.

But why?

As to team history and tradition, and cash flow, best that Mr. Snyder keep 'Redskins' and the logo as is - and smile and politely suggest the thin-skinned go attempt the physically impossible. 

As go the options, all so silly - as much as all things human are, anyway - just like everything else that goes on in our nation's capital and wherever people gather.  

Right you are, Mr. Lynd, right you are. 

But good comedy it is - great comedy as the small men in The White House and Congress opine on something that is none of their damn business; their style these days.  

The Skins name game - what a crying shame, a silly crying shame.

Play ball! Or is that baseball? Who cares!

Post Script

During a recent AP interview President Obama remarked (he just can't help himself if skin color is at issue) that were he the team owner and knew the name was "offending a sizeable group of people" he'd "think about changing it." No one wants to hear nor cares about your opinion on the matter, Mr. President. But do tell, the truth, about Benghazi; for starters. Skin - lives - lost and America wants to know who, what, and why! We know where, when, and how.

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Michael McGrath said...

With generational issues coninuing to negatively affect every Native American (Wait! I'm a Native American aren't I? I was born here...!) one would think that the lug heads who have their panties in a knot over this inane 'Hurt-my-feelings' problem, would better serve their lot by working to solve terrible native American education accomplishments, high out of wedlock birth rate, drug & alcohol dependency, criminal activities and all the other mostly self imposed poverty issues... How about starting a 50 year plan to wean themselves off the American hind teat. Look forward young man, don't continue to be cursed by the past! Unless, that's exactly what you want!