20 August 2013


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 20 August 2013

"What the Founding Fathers created in the Constitution is the most magnificent government on the face of the Earth, and the reason is this: because it was intended to preserve the American society and the American spirit, not to transform it or destroy it." Mark Levin

Those elected to "represent" us have encased themselves in a beautifully wrapped gift box - box, wrapping, nor bow of red, white, and blue. That is, our "representatives" have blessed themselves "special" - not of the people.

Though examples abound, look no further than the sloppy work to hastily pass an unpopular Healthcare Bill - the Affordable Care Act aka: Obamacare, under the guise of it being for the good of the country, and then our "representatives" moving to exempt themselves from it.

Though it did not happen overnight, our federal government has become what the framers of our Constitution foresaw, feared, and painstakingly crafted measures - checks and balances - to preempt. 

Our states gave birth to a federal government that has grown into a smothering, insatiable monster ever in want of money and control. Still it gorges.

Thus the more upsetting involuntary public sacrifices are loss of voice, privacy, wealth, and freedom.

Mark Levin's new book 'The Liberty Amendments - Restoring the American Republic' is a fact-based account of where we started as a democratic republic and how we have morphed into something "representative" in name only; a government that is dangerous.

Mr. Levin proposes and outlines eleven amendments - starting with term limits for Congress and ending with protect the vote - to restore America to that envisioned and scoped in our Constitution.

I'll not cover each of the amendments - to do so would be unfair to him and his brilliant exhaustive work.

Mr. Levin concludes by offering a plan of action through the State Convention process - a means inked by the framers. And it's a process past presidents, Ronald Reagan comes to mind, urged the citizenry use to make for change.

Mr. Levin is frank admitting that civil approach will be difficult - especially meeting with great resistance from those in office for they have much to lose - and that our, the people's, time is running out.

The current administration, operating as if our Constitution was written on a whim and is merely a inconvenience to carrying out their warped agenda, has set off alarms.

Mr. Levin's recommended approach, again through State Convention, is one way toward restoration.

A polar opposite way is for an armed citizenry to engage.

As George Washington said, "Firearms are second only to the Constitution in importance; they are the peoples' liberty's teeth."

For illustration, envision tens of millions moving on Washington, D.C. (perhaps during a State of the Union); surrounding the Capitol; stringing concertina wire; declaring the grounds a federal prison and all therein prisoners; and through state legislatures seating a new government under the parameters of our Constitution and Mr. Levin's proposed amendments (or some variant thereof) to restore representative order.

Then, justice through public trials - with harsh punishment for the guilty. And with the trials serving the secondary purpose of reminding new office holders as to their principle role as "representative."

So, I am all for Mr. Levin's approach. But our history has shown sometimes matters of problematic government must be settled through another element of man's nature; fight - face-to-face confrontation.

One way or another America will move toward our founding design for it best fits our society and spirit but more so human nature; which prevails.

In the end, life is friction. Order emerges from chaos - and with man, sometimes blood and loss of life is necessarily in between.

Post Script

Read Mr. Levin's superb book. By all means, read it!   

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Anonymous said...

Another great piece Colonel. Well done and well said. I prefer option 1 but if pushed to action option 2 works fine for me. Where shall I report for duty? Just let me know. S/F Robert H Barrow / Marine.