28 November 2012


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 28 November 2012

"Please tell Linnea I'm thinking about her." Suzy

Ten days ago I posted comment about the murder of my wife's stepmother, Virginia "Suzy" Sommer - a petite 73-year old, literally defenseless, stabbed while in her home - on Thursday, 15 November 2012.

At my request, the police welcomed me to post comment and ask for public help. I did. And many readers relayed to their contacts by way of email, Facebook, and Twitter, and whatnot and those contacts did likewise. The communication far and wide - marvelous. This I know from private messages back via email, Facebook, Twitter and posts to the commentary by many a stranger.

All asked that I provide update(s) to the story.

Early yesterday morning I received an email from the supervising detective. The 'person of interest' in custody was charged with the murder and sundry related crimes. 

Here's the story from the New Jersey Herald. 


An innocent woman who minded her own business and was cordial to all is dead. As I sometimes refer to my wife, Suzy was a good egg. It's bad her life ended so suddenly, so violently. Senseless.

Her killer is off the streets.

That small community exhales, but will never be the same.

A murder is not a murder. A murder that is personal changes everything.

Until this death, this startling death, I'd not ever known anyone who was murdered. So I thought punishing criminals served justice. Maybe it does. But now I feel differently - I feel there is no punishment harsh enough. None. There will be no justice.

Thanks for your help. Most appreciated.

Wait, wait, on second thought, maybe there is fitting punishment. Sentence the murderer to be turned over to a platoon of Marines.

The thought struck after a good night's sleep following an email back and forth last night with a wise retired Marine staff noncommissioned officer.

Bob (ironically, the name of my deceased father-in-law) had asked I keep him informed about the case. I sent him the link last night. Our discussion...

Bob: "Good. Let me know if they are taking vols for the firing squad..."

Me: "The line is long. You are number 674."

Bob: "I'll bring my bayonet, in case I miss..."

Me: "Since you were the first to mention bayonet, you just moved from 674 to 2 - right behind me."

Bob: "Good. Note I'm kinda old. Might take me a while to hit a vital spot, but I'll keep trying..."

Justice! Marine style. I like it.

Post Script

The original comment...

Murder! Can You Help? Will You Help?

Author's Endnote

The opening quote - the last words Suzy said to me during a recent phone call.


Anonymous said...

Such violence of action!

Good - I like it that way...

Robert Fowler said...

Good news indeed. I agree that there will never be true justice. Your loved one is gone and this scumbag will live on the taxpayer dime for years. I'd sign up for the firing squad. I'll even furnish my own rifle, ammo and bayonet.

Semper Fi.