09 October 2012


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 09 October 2012

"There are three things in the world that deserve no mercy, hypocrisy, fraud, and tyranny." Frederick W. Robertson

Anybody can have a bad night. It's why the game, any game, is played.

Star quarterbacks, point guards, home run hitters, champion golfers and tennis players all, once in a while, lose their timing, their touch, their mojo. Whatever it is and whatever it's called, that special something within them simply is not there. It inexplicably slips away. They throw and shoot and swing and hit short and long or not at all, strike out, and trip. For the moment, they have two left feet and are all thumbs. Whatever their efforts, nothing works. It happens. And they lose. Their team loses.

But last Wednesday evening's debate with Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney was not a bad night for President Barack Obama. No sir, it was a lot of things but a bad night it was not.

Last Wednesday evening Americans, with their own eyes and ears, saw and heard the culmination of four years worth of bad nights. And days.

That is, America finally saw and heard the star they've been told is without peer, they've been brain-washed to believe is a god, is not a star at all. He's an imposter. He proved it.  

Nearly 50 million of the 70 million people who watched the game, the debate - if you want to call it that, said Mr. Romney won. He did - with command of facts, articulate answers and rebuttals, humor, and a strong, determined presence. Anyone who tuned in and did not know who the two were would have concluded Mr. Romney was the sitting president.

Even President Obama's faithful, at least most of them, had to concede he lost. 

In defeat, Mr. Obama was embarrassed. Mr. Obama embarrassed himself. And he embarrassed the office of the presidency and America.

Some 14 million said Mr. Obama won. What game they watched is anybody's guess.   

As for the other 10%, well there's always 10% who have no clue what's happening. And that's not going to change. They don't matter anyway.

Mr. Obama and his camp, from advisers to media, have floated excuse after excuse to explain why he was off his game. And they are still saturating the airways with nonsense and blame - to include blaming Mr. Romney. Ridiculous? Of course. And nothing is working. 

And nothing is going to work.

President Obama lost the game for one reason. President Obama never had game. It's as simple as that.

Come Thursday evening Mr. Obama's sidekick during the four years worth of bad nights and days, Vice President Biden, takes the stage to debate Paul Ryan, the candidate for his office.

Odd as it may seem, there's some hope Mr. Biden can change the dynamics that came from last week's debate.

Not likely. Mr. Ryan will be ready.

Mr. Biden's been around Washington a long time. Everyone knows Joe's game - it, and he, is for entertainment purposes only.

As Mr. Biden has surely been convinced during his preparation and he'd excitedly opine, "Thursday's debate is a big f------ deal."

Sorry, Mr. Biden, no it's not. Please, just be entertaining - say something stupid. Though the two remaining presidential debates may be a big deal. But a couple of weeks of preparation cannot a star make - especially if you're not star material and the rationally thinking and fair now know it. 

Americans are a fickle breed - they gravitate to winners. Ask any loser.

Post Script

Thursday's VP debate is scheduled for 5:55pm (PST) - though there's still time for Mr. Biden to sick out or enter the Witness Protection Program. But I hope he shows - for America needs to see and hear neither player on their current team ever had game.


Anonymous said...

Well done Colonel! Well done. I'll have my popcorn ready for Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Well done Colonel. Well done. I'll have my popcorn ready on Thursday night as it will certainly be a show to remember. Comedy...

Tom H. said...

Andy - If Rob will share his popcorn, I'll bring the beer. Maybe a good American beer - Sam Adams comes to mind. Should be an entertaining evening. Good ole' "shoot from the lip" Joe B., vs. one of the sharpest, smartest financial minds in Congress. Let's get it on!!

Anonymous said...

very good!