14 October 2012


by Andy Weddington
Sunday, 14 October 2012

"I have come to the conclusion that politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians." Charles de Gaulle

It's been a few days since the vice president and candidate for vice president debated. And so there's been a few days for serious thought.

Vice President Joe Biden's charge last Thursday evening was to somehow make amends for the abysmal performance of President Barack Obama during his debate last week.

Vice President Biden failed.

In the span of eight days, with media unable to shield, America learned Barack Obama and Joe Biden are not serious men.

Eleven days ago America witnessed a serious man, Mitt Romney, dismantle President Barack Obama. Mr. Romney worked methodically with facts, class, humor, and confidence. Though billed a 'debate' it was not. It was a political assassination.

Stripped of his armor - the teleprompter, and protective bubble - media, America learned that Barack Obama is not a serious man. A serious man shows up prepared. A serious man shows up to defend his work. A serious man looks his opponent and countrymen in the eye when speaking. A serious man leaves no doubt he is serious.

In 90 minutes America learned more about Mr. Obama than they knew before he was elected and have been told during the past four years. 

Three days ago America witnessed a serious man, Paul Ryan, hold his own against, some say better, Vice President Joe Biden. Mr. Ryan, like his senior running mate, worked with facts, class, humor, and confidence. And for whatever the reason, first debate jitters or statesmanship, he exercised commendable restraint and civility.

Mr. Biden's reprehensible behavior smothered anything meaningful he had to say. His conduct of an attack appeared the antithesis of serious. He appeared the fool. And the Obama/Biden ticket lost again.

In politics, serious men understand the tremendous responsibilities of the offices they seek. Serious men show up prepared to debate those responsibilities. Serious men take their opponents seriously.

Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden did not take Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan seriously. But that was not the attitude of the candidates towards the incumbents. So, from their performances what is America to conclude about how the President and Vice President have taken and performed their duties? 

And with that close look at Mr. Biden, is this man president material? And, what does it say about Mr. Obama's judgment retaining Mr. Biden on the ticket?

The election is in 23 days. Before 06 November the candidates for president debate twice more. But there's no reason to believe Mr. Obama will best Mr. Romney. He won't. For lack of record, vision, and plan, he can't. 

Though the respective political parties, pundits, hacks, and media want us to believe so, the election is not between democrats and republicans.

This election is between petty men and serious men, party moot. And this election is about what's best for the United States of America.

Therefore, petty men and women will vote for the petty men.

And, serious men and women will vote for the serious men.

It's not going to be close. 


Post Script

Humor and seriousness are not mutually exclusive. In fact, humor amidst seriousness makes for balance - as Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan demonstrated. However, humor with pettiness is sarcasm and threadbare cover for incompetence.

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