29 October 2012


by Andy Weddington
Monday, 29 October 2012

"I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country." Nathan Hale 

A friend of mine is a Navy SEAL. He also proudly claims the title "Marine."

We've been friends for 29 years. And retired from active service about the same time. For the past few years we've been able to get together every few months for dinner - to visit, to talk about days long ago in the Marine Corps, and to swap thoughts about troubling current events in our military and politics. It's probably not too difficult to figure out what a Marine colonel and Navy Captain with combat arms backgrounds have to say.

This morning my friend sent me a short email. Considering a third commentary about Benghazi, I replied asking if I could use the content of his note. His immediate reply - "USE IT!!! Send it to Limbaugh and Fox News!!!" 

The SEAL community is small. It's a tight group of extraordinary men. Tough men. Men you do not want to fight if you can help it.

The two SEALs, Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods, killed during the terrorist attack in Benghazi were not in country to protect Ambassador Chris Stevens and his team. They were on a mission to track down and recover thousands of man-portable shoulder-fired missiles (capable of taking out an airliner). Reports are that these weapons were initially supplied to the Muslim Brotherhood by the current White House Administration. 

Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods heard the attack from their location a mile or so away, and disobeying orders to stand down - to not engage, they did what highly trained, skilled warriors of moral conscience do - they rushed to the sound of gunfire.

My friend has it on good authority from a SEAL teammate that Doherty and Woods killed some sixty of the terrorists before they were killed by mortar fire. No question their brave, selfless actions saved the lives of many.

A SEAL teammate, known as John (BUD/S Class #36), wrote the following poem honoring his fallen mates...

The Battling Bastards of Benghazi

We're the Battling Bastards of Benghazi,
no fame, no glory, no paparazzi.
Just a fiery death in a blazing hell,
defending the country we loved so well.
It wasn't our job,
but we answered the call,
fought to the consulate, 'n scalled th' wall.

We pulled twenty countrymen from the jaws of fate,
led them to safety, 'n stood at th' gate.
Just the two of us, 'n foe by th' score,
but we stood fast to bar th' door.
We called for reinforcement, but it was denied,
so we fought, 'n we fought, 'n we fought, 'n we died.

We gave our all for our Uncle Sam,
'n Obama didn't give a damn,
just two dead SEALS, who carried the load,
no thanks to us, we were bumps in the road.

               Glen Doherty - Navy SEAL

                           Tyrone Woods - Navy SEAL

I defer to others to forward to Limbaugh, Fox News, or elsewhere. Anyone so inclined has my approval, absolutely.

In closing, the two recent commentaries about Benghazi have been well-received and are enjoying a massive readership not expected but appreciated. I guess folks are paying attention. Here are the links:

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Honor our fallen SEALs, the other two Americans - Sean Smith and Chris Stevens - killed in Benghazi, and all who have so courageously served and sacrificed for our country. Please, re-post and pass along by whatever means available, help inform America. Indeed one man or one woman can make a difference.

Keep the faith!

Post Script

Tuesday, 06 November 2012 - America's judgement day. Vote! 

Author's Endnote

Benghazi related commentary posted Wednesday, 31 October.

The Nerve of Some Men - and Women


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