12 September 2012


by Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Diplomacy is the art of saying "Nice doggie" until you can find a rock." Will Rogers

Yesterday America paused to pay tribute to thousands of souls, American and foreign too, murdered 11 years ago by Muslim terrorists.

While we took a knee and bowed our head, more Muslim terrorists attacked killing four Americans - our ambassador, a foreign services officer, and consulate personnel serving in Libya.

Mr. Romney, candidate for president, did not waste time making a public statement condemning the attack. He followed with another statement with more condemnation and emphasized the need for America's confidence in cause, clarity in purpose, and resolve in might. And he spoke to leadership. Strength was his message.

President Obama spoke after Mr. Romney. Symbolic of more 'leadership from behind'?

After that attack 11 years ago President George W. Bush, without blinking and without apology, served notice to the world - you are either with us or against us. Clear enough. And he told the military to "Be ready."

For the next seven years a multi-pronged fight was on against terrorists where ever they tried to hide. And they were steadily and systematically decimated.

Though President Obama has continued the fight, he's sent confounding messages. His apologies and Muslim outreach program doomed from the onset. Our enemies have been watching and hearing, not seeing and listening, and scheming. Yesterday, the timing of their attack no coincidence, they served notice they do not respect Mr. Obama and they are not afraid of us.

That Americans were murdered, and our colors torn and torched, on our day of reverence is an insult. However diplomatically framed, the Muslim terrorists spitted, urinated, and defecated on Mr. Obama, and us. 

Nonetheless, the United States of America, though marginalized by a weak president, is still an exceptional nation.

Our military, though emasculated by a weak president, is still a formidable force.

The nonsense going on in the Middle East is a test of our policy, resolve, and might. And in reality a statement as to our safety - abroad and home.

President Bush was exactly right. Our global relationships are as simple as friend or foe.

The mere presence of overwhelming military force can prevent many a diplomatic problem. When necessary, swiftly applied overwhelming military force can solve many a diplomatic problem. And change attitudes.  

And with that there should only be two physiological human reactions when the colors of the United States of America appear on the horizon...

Tears of joy or beads of sweat.

The days ahead will be interesting. However interesting they may be, they had better be tearful for many and sweaty for some.

Our enemies respect strength not tough talk.

President Obama characteristically talked - as is his habit, with a touch of toughness.

But what will he do? 

For blood, he must draw sword. Words won't cut it.

Post Script

Send in the Marines! Lots of them.

Author's Endnote

Yesterday's tribute to 9/11



mCat said...

I hope you don't mind Colonel, but I have found myself reposting your link over on Facebook for more people to read it. You always offer wise insight.
Thank you!

A Colonel of Truth said...

mCat - you post whatever you want as frequently as you want where ever you want for the commentaries are written for public consumption. So, thank you for tuning in and for your advocacy. May others follow your lead. Appreciated.