07 September 2012


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 07 September 2012

"Hey, this guy sounds great! He should take over for the guy that didn't do all this stuff the past 4 years." Anthony Cumia (Tweet after Obama's speech)

Like Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, last night I tuned into the Democratic National Convention. If you did not read yesterday's commentary (link at Author's Endnote) it may be helpful as background to pick up on a subtlety or two today.

It's a good thing, despite clear majority vocal opposition from the floor, that "God" (and Jerusalem recognized as Israel's capital) made it back into the Democrat's platform. For it'd have been a might confusing and damn embarrassing when former U. S. House of Representatives member Gabby Giffords took the stage, before the featured speakers, and led the assembly in our 'Pledge of Allegiance' - an allegiance, remember, that has the phrase, 'one Nation under God.' It was the only touching, non-partisan, moment of the evening. "Bravo!" to Ms Giffords.

And there is a conclusion to be drawn from correcting that platform (supposedly directed by Mr. Obama): The Democratic leadership is not as stupid as the masses.

But let's move on to the speeches.

Caroline Kennedy...

What a sad story - the Kennedy name and family. Tragedy has struck that clan time and again. And it did again last night. Ms Kennedy was awful. Boring. Monotone. And the teleprompter not her friend. She unemotionally droned party talking points. Most puzzling and surely hurtful to her kin, dead and alive, she stepped away from her roots - the Catholic church and its position on abortion. She gratuitously mentioned "Uncle Teddy." All I could think about was a creep that killed a woman and was not held accountable by the law. She spoke five or six minutes. It was five or six minutes too long. She might want to consider a name change, or pick up a Fluke mask.   

Eva Longoria...

I had no idea who this woman was so I did a quick Google search on iPad as she took the stage. An actress - a 'Desperate Housewife' - it showed. She appeared comfortable and her delivery was decent but clearly scripted words a stump speech. Thinking about it - a desperate campaign calling on a Desperate Housewife; perfect. On the attractive side, I wonder if a desperate Mr. Clinton pitched her a line or two?  

John Kerry...

There was comment before Mr. Kerry's appearance that his was an audition for Secretary of State. Bahahaha, and ha. That can only happen under one condition and that's not going to happen. When he took his position behind the podium, I remembered a clever one-liner from a Will Ferrell skit. Ferrell, playing George W. Bush, while addressing Kerry (after losing to President Bush), "Senator, why the long face?" Hilarious.

Though a Vietnam veteran, Mr. Kerry's naval service, namely decorations (Silver Star and Purple Hearts) and post service behavior, remains questionable. Fact is, after leaving the military and in an act of defiance he threw his decorations away. That alone causes one to wonder if they were earned in earnest. Last night's line about asking Osama bin Laden if he's better off than four years ago was juvenile. Secretary of State? Uh, no. 

Vice President Joe Biden...

I still struggle with trying to decide if Mr. Biden reminds me more of the pompous but harmless doofus Fred Rutherford from the 50s sitcom 'Leave it to Beaver' or the happy-go-lucky bumbling harmless klutz Gilligan of the 60s 'Gilligan's Island' - maybe a hybrid? Will continue to mull this one over - at least 30 seconds of dedicated time daily.

Since old Joe stuck to the teleprompter he managed to depart gaff free. In fact, his speech was probably the best delivered of the evening. Other than sharing his 'up and close' observations of Mr. Obama during decision-making, there was nothing new. He threw out a couple of tired bumper stickers - 'Osama bin Laden is Dead & General Motors is Alive' and 'America is not in Decline' - neither of which is the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and that's about it. But that's Joe.

The only other thought that occurred to me during his remarks was wondering what stunt he's going to pull to avoid the debate with Paul Ryan - illness; family emergency; Witness Protection Program; death? To be determined.

And then it was time for the evening's headliner.

President Barack Obama...

There's a difference speaking before 20,000 as opposed to 70,000 or 80,000 or the 100,000 in 2008.

And there's a difference speaking when you haven't done anything in 2008 and when you haven't done anything and everyone knows it in 2012.

Mr. Obama's speech can be summarized in a bumper sticker. I made it last night on iPad but will save it as the closing visual - the takeaway.

Gone were the Greek columns. Somebody must have figured out with Greece's financial mess maybe that backdrop would not be such a good idea. So it was flags - U. S. flags. And never before has there been so many flags at an Obama event. It struck me phony.

Though his words delivered with typical Obama cadence and rhythm and false accent - e.g., "togetha" - there was no substance, no methodology, nor plan of action as to how he was going to realize anything. So much for 'Hope & Change' and promises of four years ago.

Last night he talked about the "truth." And I thought, 'Well finally, we're going to hear about that birth certificate, those college transcripts, and all the other secretive pieces of his life.' Nope. And so I have no idea as to what "truth" he was referring. 

He said, "Give me time." And I thought that's exactly what he needs, time - time behind bars.

As far as the week's worth of DNC speeches go, Mr. Obama probably merits placement in the top ten, but certainly not top five. 

In summary, his delivery was smooth. That's about it. Typical Obama - and most of America is tired of hearing it. He is indeed a man of his word. Unfortunately and disappointingly, his words is where it ends - there's no action. And that strategy does not settle well with the serious-minded.

Mr. Obama's over-arching problem, from which he'll never recover, is in 2008 he over-promised. In four years he delivered next to nothing. 

So America is in dire need of leadership.

Now for that bumper sticker...

In the end, last night Mr. Obama's message was the deletion of a character and six letters - & C H A N G E - and the addition of three letters - F U L:

"HOPEFUL" is not a course of action. And that is easily deduced from four years of experience - that 'Hope & Change' are not courses of action, either.

Sitting and digesting after the speech and after a good night's sleep, I have no idea what country Mr. Obama is living in. In the United States where I reside - national debt is up; unemployment is up; energy prices are up; gasoline prices are up; grocery prices are up; food stamps dependency is up; and the country's morale is down - way down. The 'ups' are big and the 'down' is big. And the mess built by Mr. Obama.

Final conclusion - Mr. Obama sealed his fate last night. Hope is dead and people are ful(l) alright. He's done!

Soon, at long painful last, America will begin to move...


Post Script

A tweet by Tmcghghy after Mr. Obama's speech, "Obama's speech got me excited, excited to vote, and excited to vote for Mitt Romney." 

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