10 August 2012


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 10 August 2012

"Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it." Mark Twain

Thirty-two years ago our economy was in the toilet; health care was a contentious issue; our military was in shambles from draw-down and budget cuts; American pride at home was down; and our prestige and power on the world stage, especially in the Middle East, was suffering. And that's putting it kindly and only addressing some of the biggest issues.

President Carter had made one hell of a mess.

A week before the 1980 presidential election Mr. Carter and Ronald Reagan, his Republican challenger, squared off in their only debate. Mr. Carter did not have any achievements to support his case for reelection so he attempted to discredit his opponent and his positions.  

Mr. Reagan, responding to a health care related charge by Mr. Carter, unleashed a dandy zinger that changed the mood of the debate, captured America's attention while endearing him to the citizenry, and to some extent played a part in the landslide defeat of Mr. Carter--whom, by the way, was leading in the polls. 

Mr. Reagan's four words, complemented with casual delivery and a twinkle in his eye, ended Mr. Carter.

That effective phrase, "There you go again," is secure in presidential history.

Today, Mr. Obama, like Mr. Carter, has proven--through a preponderance of the evidence and beyond a shadow of a doubt--he, too, is not up to the job of president.

President Obama has made one hell of a mess.

Like thirty-two years ago, our economy is in the toilet; health care is a contentious issue; our military is being destroyed by inane social experiments, draw-down, and budget cuts; American pride at home is down; and our prestige and power on the world stage, especially in the Middle East, is suffering. And that's putting it kindly and only addressing some of the biggest issues.

Our choice for president, as it was in 1980, is a clear one.

At home...

Mr. Obama believes it's fair to take money from people who've worked hard, made good decisions, worked harder, made better decisions, worked harder still, and succeeded and give their earnings to those who have not worked as hard nor made as good of decisions. Bizarre. But it absolutely explains his telling unscripted remark a few weeks back, "You didn't build that." And, "Spread the wealth around," to 'Joe the Plumber' four years ago.

His belief is contrary to basic economics--clearly coursework not on his transcripts which he's opted to secret. And is absolutely the antithesis of what I learned, beginning pre-teens, in the free marketplace--mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, wrapping and shelving produce, flipping hamburgers, doffing cloth in a mill, driving a forklift in a factory and saving earnings to pay for what I needed and sometimes just wanted. What did Mr. Obama do in his youth--other than hang with the Choom boys and smoke dope? Frankly, his thinking is commensurate with that of an idiot's. It's not intended to be a disparaging nor disrespectful comment. Look up the definition of idiot.

Mr. Romney believes the opposite.


Mr. Obama does not believe America is an exceptional nation. Hmm. Where does the rest of the world continue to look for leadership? Who's first to respond to crisis--man-made or Mother Nature? Whose presence is keeping the evil with evil intentions, to include destroying America, in check?

Mr. Romney believes the opposite.

That's the essence of it.

The presidential debates are coming--four in October (3, 11, 16, and 22). And they are sure to be telling, and entertaining.

Mr. Obama, having made a Carter-esque mess of our country, will have to attempt to discredit Mr. Romney. So a Carter / Reagan replay is the expectation and practically assured.

What will Mr. Romney say? Has he been thinking of a Reagan-esque zinger? Maybe more than one? Surely.

Mr. Romney doesn't need any zingers, but...

To play along with recycling history, some ideas came to mind.

Keeping to a Reagan-esque four words: "You preach. I produce."

As to substantive work: "Well, Mr. President, I've built some businesses in my day, what exactly have you built?"


As to attention to duties: "Mr. President, I note you've played a round of golf about every 12 days since taking office. The good news is you'll soon have time to play a round of golf every day."

As was the case with Mr. Carter, some polls have Mr. Obama ahead.

But history is repeating itself--like thirty-two years ago, people/families are busy wrapping up summer vacations and preparing for a new school year; they're not paying attention yet. Soon reality will settle and they'll be paying attention--close attention.

Like Mr. Reagan, Mr. Romney in a landslide.

No doubt.

'Fore,' Mr. President, not 'four' (more).

Post Script

As to Twain's opening quote, the answer is imbeciles.

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Mom said...

great blog Andy. Ryan had some great zingers in his speech today - hope they adopt them as their mottos.