04 August 2012


by Andy Weddington
Saturday, 04 August 2012

"The best defense is to not be there." Author Unknown

"Big Chicken Dinner"!

It has nothing to do with Grandma's Sunday kitchen table, Cracker Barrel, KFC, Bojangles, nor patronizing the latest chicken fast food outlet--Chick-fil-A--to hit the news.

No sir, it's a Marine Corps term. A "Big Chicken Dinner" is a sarcastic euphemism for a "BCD" or "Bad Conduct Discharge"--something a Marine colonel (the eagles rank insignia oft times referred to as 'a full bird' and sometimes as chickens), when in command, may award to a seriously misbehaving Marine.

I've known some Marines unceremoniously dismissed from our ranks with a "Big Chicken Dinner." And they earned it. Typically a bust to private and forfeiture of all pay and allowances complements the punitive dinner. And those dinners are not good. They haunt for a lifetime. Just ask a diner.

Well, a few days ago a gent by the name of Adam Smith, who is not a Marine, was awarded a "Big Chicken Dinner" of sorts.

Mr. Smith, no mental giant but the CFO and treasurer for a medical equipment maker, decided it would be a good idea to publicly express his opinion about Chick-fil-A's COO's (Dan Cathy) position against homosexual marriage.

So Wednesday past, 01 August, 'Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day'--the brainchild of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee who's had enough of the left wing anti-Christian nonsense--Smith decided to act. With video rolling, he pulled up to a Chick-fil-A drive-thru, in Tuscon, Arizona and started badgering the young woman working the window. Impressed with himself and giddy, he posted his idiotic rant on YouTube. Brilliant! Or so he thought.

Mr. Smith's employer, Vante, was not impressed. He was immediately dismissed. And in a short public statement Vante acknowledged though Mr. Smith was free to publicly express his personal opinions his behavior was not in keeping with Vante corporate values nor that expected of a company officer. They expressed hope the general public would not hold Mr. Smith's behavior against the company and employees. Bravo!

So, as was earned, Mr. Smith's 'Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day,' ironically, ended with a "Big Chicken Dinner." Bravo!

Tasty, hey Mr. Smith?!

Oh, the young woman working the window--she was a class act. Professional. Uncomfortable though patient. Polite. A credit to Chick-fil-A. Bravo!

Maybe she was rewarded with a raise. Maybe a bonus. Or just a big chicken dinner--the eating kind--courtesy of her employer.

Americans, overwhelmingly, showed their support for Chick-fil-A. And that was no surprise.

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