13 April 2012


by Andy Weddington
Friday, 13 April 2011

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it's thinking of yourself less." Rick Warren

Presidents 1, 3, 16, and 26--that would be Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Roosevelt (T. R.), giants in American politics and history--never saw their likenesses sculpted in rock; our National Monument known as Mount Rushmore honoring leadership and, at least to some degree, humility.

Nor did the distinguished quartet ever see their images printed on a 'rock.'

And most certainly they'd have been repulsed, at least obligatorily so in public, by the mere ideas (never mind the first three never saw a basketball).

In short, they're all 'rock stars' and don't know it. As it should be.

President 44--that would be Obama--apparently thought it a good idea to emblazon his image and name on red, white, and blue basketballs--'rocks'--the White House used for an event in conjunction with the annual Easter egg roll on the White House lawn.

The great irony is # 44's image appearing on something big and inflated that's--dribbled, passed, shot, dunked, tipped, stolen, goes out of bounds, and goes flat. Perhaps not such an intelligent nor prudent executive decision. Certainly not a supreme nor judicial one--on the court or off.

And so much for obligatory public humility.

Oh, and far from being a chip off the old block, joining his mates, revered in rock, is not going to happen. As it should not.

No confirmation yet the Oval Office ball--the 'rock'--is called 'the Barack.' Probably.

In America, if you're going to step on the court you'd better have game not just talk one.

For nearly four years the country has witnessed excessive talking, traveling, jumping through hoops, and enough fouls, personal and technical, to warrant ejection from the game--more than once. As for record? Losing.

What more need be said?


Bench # 44--proven to be neither a rock star nor 'rock star' worthy.

Put in # 45--a potential rock star and 'rock star'--you never know until given a chance to play.

Long live the red, white, and blue--colors best suited for our flag.

And, by the way, why not Mount Rushmore on the basketballs? Or some other national landmark--like the White House?

Good grief.

Post Script

The basketballs just one among many things questionably, and arguably inappropriately, adorned with # 44's image or signature. Recently it was our flag--Obama replacing the field of stars.

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Anonymous said...

The word putz comes to mind. Let me use that in a sentence. "Look at the picture of the putz on the basketball".