06 March 2012


by Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 06 March 2012

"Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged." Ronald Reagan

Well black's king moved afoul when opting against the better advice of the court jester to not force contraception down the church's throat.

Out came white's bishops (and monsignors, priests, and all other who's who in the church). And knights and castles and a queen, too. The king, and pawns, pending.

Black's king, in check and by the rules of the game permitted only a one space any direction move at a time, did not retreat but side-stepped behind a pawn; a clever but cowardly move momentarily changing the game--if only the tone.

That pawn, Sandra Fluke--enjoying the queen's limelight but none of the piece's power with  movement by rules of the game restricted to forward only (two spaces initially, an option, and one thereafter), is merely a purposeful distraction to the much, much bigger game.

There's no need nor point recapping the king's position for mandatory funding of contraception, nor the pawn's voicing entitlement to such at no expense (to her). If not a clue as to what's been going on, go back to bed; to sleep, that is.

Never mind free contraception is readily available--through private and public venues. Gee, is it not only fair every taxpayer should share in the expense of Fluke's joy? Spot on? Hardly. Good grief!

The devious, illogical, ignorant, emotional, hormonal, and plain dumb (please stick to checkers) have framed the game as one of contraception, health care, and a war on women.

In reality the matter is one of freedom of religion and far more importantly--freedom. Choices.

At present, the chess board is a mess.

Looking back, between January, 2009 and November, 2010, white, with a sound game plan, moved deliberately and aggressively.


Ever since, black's been floundering. Knights, bishops, castles, and pawns falling. The (vacationing) queen--by the rules of the game afforded freedom of movement in any direction and so taking advantage--inconsequential.

Time, and moves, will sort it and the much, much bigger game out. There will be no stalemate. 

The inevitable outcome?

Checkmate. The king toppled.

And, one pawn, though an important piece now, come Wednesday, 07 November, will be nothing more than a used Trojan (a battle-spent combatant of Troy, that is); for any pawn, though of strategic and tactical value in the attack and sometimes defense, is expendable.

So goes the game of chess. And politics, too.

Post Script

Board reset January 2013. White to move.

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Knightncourt said...

Brilliant, sad, and hopefully the predictions true.