27 August 2009


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 28 August 2009

A recent report suggests as much as half of the U.S. population may become infected with H1N1 during this winter's flu season. Deaths may reach 90,000 or more--mostly young children and young adults or so think the experts. A big unknown is if the vaccine will prove to be deadlier than the virus. Great--if the virus doesn't kill you the preemptor might. Which means the death toll could climb--significantly--trying to prevent the flu. Man, does this mess throw a wrench into the president's "pull the plug on Granny" piece of "healthcare" reform. Why? Because he just may need the old folks to milk as offset for lost taxpayers. No confirmation yet to the recent rumor about an Oval Office memo launched to the House Speaker: "NP, belay my last...hold off on dissin' blue hairs in the HC Bill. Chief crafting "Cash from Clunkers" program. BO"

Who and what to believe about H1N1 is anyone's guess.

H1N1 may be serious but there is an even more lethal "virus" lurking. The consequences of which, left unchecked, could make 90,000 deaths look insignificant. Unlike other strains of swine flu, this one did not originate from pigs, cows, sheep, monkeys, chimpanzees, geese or humpty-backed camels--but maybe chickens and weasels. This new virus is assigned the nick 2B1O1.

Though frightening with potentially devastating consequences to the global population, neither the Center for Disease Control nor the World Health Organization is paying attention to this bug. No point. There is no cure. And though it infects only those believing themselves superior to lowly mortals, even Dr. Bombay, warlock extraordinaire and Samantha Stephens' personal witch doctor, has no quirky cure-all elixir, rhyming incantation, or magic wand in his black bag of wizardry.

The major cognitive symptoms of 2B1O1, developed from a mix of polluted upbringing, radical "education," and cavorting with miscreants, are unmistakable: twisted thinking, delirium, an insatiable appetite for all things socialist, deplorable behavior, and "wimpyness" facing and handling evil. Physical symptoms include: wobbly knees, thin and yellowish discoloration of the epidermis, smugness, and insane, nonsensical vocalizations--emanating from both sides of the mouth.

Mere months after 2B1O1's carrier of origin crossed the pond for the "The Great Apology" tour, where he--clearly disrespectful of America's history and sacrifices saving the world from tyranny--betrayed our country and flipped America into everything she is not, the 2B1O1 virus popped up in Scotland.

The Scottish Justice Minister, Kenny MacAskill, is infected--and the virus active. This dunderhead freed Abdel Baset al-Megrahi. The terrorist convicted in 2001 of destroying Pan American flight 103--en route from London's Heathrow to New York's JFK--on December 21, 1988. Eight days ago the unrepentant thug, who claims innocence, sentenced to life in a Scotland prison was released and flown to Libya. Oddly enough, he was embraced by none other than Libya's leader, Muammar al-Qaddafi, the very man who turned al-Megrahi over to the Scots in 1999. That reunion must have been an interesting if not awkward Hallmark moment.

Aviation analysts, scientists, and medical experts, after exhaustive investigation work, prepared reports--thousands of pages of findings--detailing exactly what happened to the Pan Am bird named the "Clipper Maid of the Seas." Some of it highly technical. Some graphic. Much of it emotionally difficult reading. In short, the sudden destruction of the 747 happened because of an explosion--a bomb--at 31,000 feet over Scotland killing 270 people: 259 crew and passengers--mostly American along with 11 of the unluckiest citizens of Lockerbie, Scotland, hit by debris--airplane parts, a downpour of jet fuel, and people.

At altitude the plane suffered catastrophic damage, broke apart and all its contents--conforming to the laws of gravity--plummeted to earth. Doctors hypothesized that most probably passengers were unconscious immediately after the explosion but, during free-fall and entering oxygen-rich air, some likely regained consciousness--having a terrifying moment or two to contemplate their fate. A couple of words come to mind--chilling and gruesome.

The horrific attack devastated thousands of lives; for life. In a sense, those remaining behind were imprisoned--to be haunted for the rest of their earthly days.

The culprits--terrorists with nothing less than total hatred for the United States. To destroy and kill, as many as possible, their objective. They succeeded. And during the past 21 years that objective has only escalated--and attacks occasionally succeeded. Soberingly, more attacks will come.

It took more than thirteen years to bring the responsible for the Pan Am attack to "justice." That in itself a crime. For al-Megrahi, the courts had decided life in prison. Well, sort of. With a new world tolerance emerging for understanding and coping with evil--a characteristic of 2B1O1--and a mindset that all our misguided enemies need is love and an international intervention--e.g. group hugs and cuddle parties (everyone speaks "body heat"), al-Megrahi is a free man. He was released on "compassionate grounds" because, according to reports, he has terminal prostate cancer with a mere three months to live. With politics at the heart--Great Britain suspected to be in a leading role--who knows what the facts are and where the truth rests.

Any reasonable person says, "Cancer? Who gives a damn. Let him rot and burn in hell." You can bet all the families with loved ones killed in the bombing are saying that--and much more using spicy language. But what if he does not have cancer and his release a pathetic political quid pro quo--the cancer a ruse to garner sympathy from loony do and feel gooders? And so what if he does have cancer--doctor's can only guess as to life expectancy. It is not uncommon at all for someone to be diagnosed with cancer--even aggressive forms--and told to get their affairs in order quickly and, despite all logic, live for years--sometimes even being inexplicably cured.

Who knows, the 57 year-old al-Megrahi may not live three months. But, he may live 3, 5, 10, 25 or even more years--particularly if he does not have cancer. That would be a travesty of justice if proven not to mention a danger to the world for a long time to come. Regardless, it was wrong to release him. Even our president, though rather reservedly, opined his release was a "mistake" and suggested "house arrest" in Libya. What? No outrage?

Why humanely treat anyone who acted so inhumanely? That he was freed under any circumstances is ridiculous. Not to mention insulting to the good people of the world, and only serves to embolden the evil. He should have remained in prison.

True "justice"--an eye for an eye--would have been flying al-Megrahi to 31,000 feet above Lockerbie and giving him an unceremonious shove out the door with a ho-hum farewell, "Have a nice day." What better way to fully appreciate and pay for the horror inflicted on his victims? Barbaric? Uncivilized? Naaaagh.

The terribly frustrating aspect of 2B1O1 is though Americans raised with sound moral and ethical standards and traditional values are immune they are not guaranteed protection from becoming collateral damage by evildoers set on making 90,000 fatalities look measly. The danger to the sane world is 2B1O1 carriers not proactively searching for and swiftly and harshly punishing or killing those who have or are determined to inflict massive death and destruction on innocents. Or, as the case with al-Megrahi, letting the already captured go free.

Where will it strike and who will next succumb to 2B1O1? What "leader" or "block of leaders" will ignore, placate, or release a dreg or group of dregs to again walk amongst us? To plot, coordinate, and act to do harm? Anyone's guess. But, with a confirmed case close to home, Guantanamo Bay merits the scrutiny of an unblinking eye.

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