20 November 2020



By Andy Weddington

Friday, 20 November 2020

They call it the drowning instinct. It's when drowning doesn't look like drowning. - Ilsa J. Bick

This morning a small poorly matted and stained and yellowing framed behind dusty glass in a cheap stained wood frame but powerful hand-drawn black and white illustration - that decorated a peeling in desperate need of a coat of paint wall in a dimly lit den in a tiny pre-World War II era home the University bought and converted into a haven for students - came to mind.

A man, horizontal, flailed hopelessly well below the surface in a strong current of printed and distorted - small, large, stretched, twisted, bold, italics, upside down, backwards, etc. - words. 

He was drowning. 

That image, studied for several minutes, as clear this morning as 43 years ago. 

And stumbling upon that image fortuitously coincided while taking a course titled, 'General Semantics' (the study of how language - words and symbols - influences human thinking and behavior). 

Word combat. 

More than ever we are in a words war. A serious words war. 

Raging, most people are so used to it they're actually bored - in the current, head barely above water - hence clueless to gravity. 

To point, during a "news" segment this morning on radio disturbing words ...

"Election results" and "President-elect Biden."

That is, the election is over. 

Per Constitution, there is not yet election result(s) so Biden is not yet President-elect.

Media, agenda-driven, is deviously using words to shape public thinking and behavior; while others use sticks and stones. 

They demand acceptance Joe Biden is President-elect. 

Know this, objectively ...

Our Republic is under attack.

The enemy inside our wire. Deep inside.

The election.

If the vote count fair and square then why is media ignoring duty to investigate numerous charges of fraudulent vote casting and corrupt tabulation?

I've not time to recap sundry obvious troubling concerns surrounding the count awarded to Joe Biden. Read commentaries published since Election Day, if interested. 

Bottom line: The objective, reasonable soul concludes empirical observations, logic, and common sense do not square with count.

Why the perceived fear of truth?

Where we (not united) stand ...

America is under ruthless frontal and enveloping assault by foreign and domestic enemies with some deep inside our wire; including those, on duty, sworn by oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Some call it the "Deep State." Call it whatever you will but it's real. 

To emphasize ...

The vote is not yet certified.

There is no President-elect. 

President Trump, like it or not.

Words the weapon of choice, there's brutal combat - print and spoken - underway. 

Pay attention - words a doubled-edged sword.


Trust instinct. 

Some words, prayer, do no harm.

But when words fail ...

Per Constitution - "Fix bayonets!"


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Jim said...

"Fix Bayonets." Be sure they are sharpened, the enemy is, in fact inside our perimeter. The battle has just started!