05 November 2020



By Andy Weddington

Thursday, 05 November 2020

We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.  - Chuck Palahniuk

Yesterday and early this morning I published macro civil commentaries - 'True the Vote' and 'Untied States of America' - as perspective on the state of our election of our next president.



This morning's plan after writing was to enjoy coffee, have a bite, and paint.

But after perusing sundry election related news on the Internet and TV, a short word.

The scope of voting fraud horrifying. 

It cannot be tolerated.

Because every substantive sign conflicts with the vote there's no logical way to square with the present status. No way.  

Fraud by individual voter, vote counter, manager and supervisor thereof, et al., is an attack on our Constitution, on our Republic; on each of us. 

It's not petty crime.

To the contrary, it trumps felony.

How do we 'True the Vote' and unite our 'Untied States of America'?

Teach children the ropes.

That is, those caught and proved guilty of voting and election fraud hang in the public square.

Teach the children. 

And before any and every election republish those images to remind the citizenry of the consequences for what is an attack on our Republic; against neighbor. 


Ruthlessness and civility do not conflict; perfectly overlap on a Venn diagram.  

The honor system works when stakes (hang 'em) high.

That's a sure way to create (and preserve) something that will not die; for freedom to live forever.

Honorable men have nothing to fear; less humoring the dishonorable.

Game face, not facetious smirk, on. 

Now to paint; conscience clear.  

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A Colonel of Truth said...

Dani ...

Is probably looking for submitted comment. After reading and considering not going to publish for taking emotional leaps of interpretation. To point, elections have consequences. Presidential elections have big consequences therefore there must be big consequences for fraud. It’s not just about “vote counting.” To this election there are sundry variables that do not square: 1. Massive (unprescedented) crowds whereever Trump appeared (and sometimes not); 2. Republicans maintained Senate; 3. Republicans gained House seats; Biden did worse than Obama and Clinton with minority vote while Trump significantly improved minority vote from 2016; states being “flipped” are Democrat; etc., and any reasonable person is to believe Biden received more legitimate votes? Trump’s lawyers are working the fraud so standby for the evidence. Back to consequences. Voter fraud at this level amounts to treason - a conscious decision. How do you deter such crime? That is, from a macro perspective, layed out in commentary. This is far bigger than one President, one election - applies to all. I do not play favorites when it comes to right and wrong.