04 November 2020



By Andy Weddington

Wednesday, 04 November 2020

Win or lose, do it fairly.  - Knute Rockne

Bottom line: Since, for four years, President Trump has withstood proven despicable hoaxes and scams concocted to remove him from office, I don't care if it takes the entire four years of his second term to true the vote. 

True the damn vote!

Early this morning (as in less than an hour after midnight) Fox News voting consultant Arnon Mishkin explained to anchor Bret Baier, pressing justification, why the state of Arizona was called so early for Mr. Biden.

Mr. Miskin began by referring to their "statistical models."


Gobbledygook alert. 


The statistical model is not the vote (just as the word is not the thing, and the map is not the territory). 

Why not just use a hurricane model (we know how accurate they are); reflective of Trump rallies?

Count the damn votes.

Every single vote. 

This morning, up before anyone with a lick of sense ought to be, I heard Mr. Mishkin describe the typical Trump voter in reply to Fox & Friends co-anchor Steve Doocy's question. Uneducated (no college) and rural, opined Mr. Mishkin.


Right (eye roll, snicker, giggle, snort, hack, cough, fa ...).

Mr. Mishkin - beltway bureaucrat who undoubtedly forgets to stick his head out-of-doors or check the rock before venturing into the weather.  

Mr. Mishkin went on to say mail in voting leans Biden while in person voting leans Trump.

He bothered not to explain basis for that partisan assumption (guessing his "statistical models").

The vote, at present, simply does not square with what took place on the ground leading up to yesterday.  

Considering the past four years of nonsense attempting to remove a fairly elected President, there's logical conclusion the mail in vote ripe with fraud (for lack of timeliness and rigorous validation, confirmation, certification). 

Contrarily, relatively speaking, it's more difficult to pollute in person voting (on such a massive scale). 

Statistician not required to figure that out (though I know a bit about statistics and agree with Mark Twain). 

Oh by the way, a Fox News reporter on scene in Washington, D.C. this morning reporting on last night's protests said, "Some protestors were in body armor and gas masks ... ".

Those, pal, are not protestors. 

Wise up. 

Nor were they citizens for President Trump. 

Stand your ground, President Trump.

Do not punt. 

Force truing the damn vote.

If it takes four years then fair enough; win or lose. 

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