01 November 2020



By Andy Weddington

Sunday, 01November 2020 

Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.  - Benjamin Franklin

No treats nor tricksters but last night frightening.

Terrifying, really. 

Movie call but none from the scary Halloween series.

'The Plot Against The President.'

The Must Watch! Amazon Prime 90 minutes or so nonfiction documentary, based on Lee Smith's chilling book, presents the Obama led high crime - attack to take out Trump. 

Executive Summary ...


1. That President Obama led the United States government (including our spy and justice outfits) and partnered with media to take out Trump.

2. That Devin Nunes, congressman and patriot extraordinaire, proved one man can make a difference. He, on behalf of the American people, faced down the mob and now, thank god, we know.  

Know what?


1. That Obama, Clinton (H.), Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Rice, Comey, et. al, conspired to take out Trump (even before elected). It's not theory. They did it. 

2. That Congress was lied to by those under oath (who had sworn oath before accepting duties).

Logical presumptions:

1. That then Vice President Biden, now candidate for President, was surely party to the plot. 

2. That "yesterday's" Democrat party, beholden to Constitution, is not anymore. Today: Domestic enemy fighting to win power. [And take out President Trump by any means.]

3. Etc. 


1. That President Trump did nothing wrong nor illegal. In fact, his presidency all the more remarkable in achievements considering the plot to destroy him and family; being under relentless baseless attack since assuming office; and ...

2. That the very wrongs President Trump is accused of doing, all of them, the Democrats, et al., actually did. The Democrats did them. Doing still. And continue to accuse President Trump. [Their simple strategy as sick as brilliant; for knowing the ignorant will swallow.]

3. That any and every (ignorant) citizen befriending the domestic enemy - that is, vote for - makes a domestic enemy.

4. That President Trump preserves our Republic. And the sane informed people know it despite Democrat and media pollution, censorship, and violence. Rally - Trump and Biden - attendance proof. 

5. That President Trump wins reelection with 300+ Electoral College votes; vibe is in the air.


1. That never could I have imagined our America at present. Never.

2. That, germane, President Trump was right to dismiss the retired Marine generals (he) hired for his Cabinet; though worse enemies he has. Were they party to, in any fashion to include knowledge of, the underway plot? And what about (other) retired Marine generals now publicly endorsing Biden? [The brotherhood badly tarnished.]

3. That after reelection, President Trump has duty to ruthlessly pursue justice against all those now exposed (others to be identified) as party to the coup. First, as noted in recent commentary, find Buford Pusser types to head up the Department of Justice and FBI. Then, arrest, charge, confine, and prosecute the conspirators; every single one of them. No prison. To not embolden.

4. That had President Trump not been elected, terrifying.

5. That Devin Nunes deserves, annually, a personally signed "Merry Christmas!" Card from President Trump; patriot to patriot.  

6. That Americans must never again elect any career politician to be President. Never! President Trump proved a successful private citizen, not before holding office and beholden to no one, is essential. He must begin the search, immediately (if not already underway), to find our next President and introduce that patriot to America now. 

7. That the public servant - civilian and military - oath of office specifies duty regarding foreign and domestic enemies. Do your sworn duty! 

8. That one citizen, patriot, can absolutely make a difference. Be courageous. Be ready!

9. That our beloved United States of America is under withering attack by enemies not at our doorstep but in our damn house; some easier to identify than others. Trust is earned.   

Watch the film! 

VOTE! If not already, for America on Tuesday. 


Jim said...

Another Barn Burner Andy. Don't know if you wander onto my blog, but I posted one called "Open letter to Mr. Mattis" on 5 June, the views have numbered into the thousands, literally gone viral all over the word, and everyday since it continues to be get viewed. While I agree with everything you say, paragraph 2 under "Opinions" hits me hard. To think we have generals who have and are violating their oath makes me sick. Yes America is under attack from within. Lord please help us as You're future in America is at stake as well.

A Colonel of Truth said...

Yes, Jim, I follow your site. Saw the mentioned letter. I pray people are wising up - thinking for themselves.

Bob Castaldi said...

Haven't watched the documentary yet. Usually don't bother with such. But my trust in your word and that of Colonel Barrow will certainly change my viewing schedule for tonight. I have seen the list of retired Marine Officers and SNCOs who have backed Biden and I am shocked and dismayed as there are several I know and respect and the only rationale I can even place on their thinking is one we were taught is unacceptable in the Corps. It is one I have never seen an inkling of from these honorable men. That is race. And to back a candidate who will not just steer this country in a bad direction, but shove us over the Socialist cliff simply because you drink the potion that makes you think the other dislikes your race is an abomination and is a direct contradiction of the oath you took as a Marine.

Anonymous said...

Great piece again Colonel. The movie is the single most disturbing thing I’ve seen in my life. Nunes is a patriot of the highest order. The man in the arena. God bless him.