08 November 2020



By Andy Weddington

Sunday, 08 November 2020

If voting changed anything, they'd make it illegal.  - Emma Goldman

First, some good news.

Refreshing it is to be reminded at least half of our country is mature.

President Trump's supporters, albeit disappointed some angry, did not riot, loot, burn down cities, nor attack innocent people out for a leisure drive, stroll, or bite to eat.

It's pretty cool to be an adult. 

Media wants America to believe it is their authority to certify the vote thus yesterday's announcement Joe Biden was elected (vice projected) President.

Not true. Not until those Constitutionally empowered to certify the vote have so done.

In the meantime, litigation aims to figure out how the worst candidate in history - who hid in a basement, bumbles through simple sentences, had wink, nod, and secret handshake drug deals with enemies, etc., and ran the worst campaign in history barely able to draw flies - was awarded more "votes" (most in history) to oust a wildly popular (unpopular too) peace and prosperity President (nominated for four Nobels).  

Allegations of voting "irregularities" and fraud flood media. No recaps here. But suffice to say disturbing. Deeply. In short, you have the right to vote. Counting is another conversation. 

Fair election? Right. 

From long walks, hours at the easel, and mulling over the election a few thoughts ...

The powerful wanted President Trump out.

Their next move is to seize the Senate. 

That's going to happen on 05 January when Democrats take both runoffs in Georgia.

Mere child's play in comparison to rigging the Presidency. Oh, and there's logical reason to believe Tuesday's election in Georgia was rigged to set up runoffs. 

Otherwise, there was no point seating Biden (just to surrender power in four years).

Last night a longtime friend messaged, "I feel like I'm witnessing America disappearing."

"You are. So get over the feeling."

What are the odds President Trump prevails?

Incalculable. But this is the man, our President, who has, since announcing candidacy, withstood withering attacks and prevailed. Don't bet against him. 

President Trump, the operative word "President," is our President. And will be through at least 20 January.

In the meantime ... 

There's a lot of plywood to be repurposed. 

And that brings me to Joe Biden's cabinet. 

It's built. 

Probably not out of plywood but it could be.

Plot ready.

Plot thickens.

We adults wait, calmly, for vote certification. 

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Tom Hickinbotham said...

Should Biden be sworn in as the 46th President in January 2021, we can witness the ending of the United States as we've known it, and the beginning of the USSA...United Socialist States of America. For how long they remain "united" remains to be seen...