09 November 2020



By Andy Weddington

Monday, 09 November 2020

Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.  

- George Washington, 1st President of the United States 

Strange America today.

Amidst big problem - discord - we. 

Big problems of discord complex.

Complex has simple roots.

How simple is this edgy moment of discord?

An objective take ...

Enemies of America directed to attack; chaos against property and personnel - against country - in cities earlier in the year, and still.

Enemies through lawyers, seized opportunity in pandemic, filed hundreds of suits attacking election processes.

Media, big tech, et al., escalated attacks on President Trump.

President Trump, survivor of concocted phony attacks, countered.

Massive rallies coast-to-coast.

Collision of "forces" inevitable.

Election Day. 

Was not. 

Even a prima facie case for massive voting fraud and corruption obvious to a simpleton as me. 

Not to mention the worst ticket and campaign in history challenging the most successful President in my lifetime; personality must not be confused with presidency (effectiveness - nationally and globally). 

Election results far from certification.

Though media, big tech, et al., misbehave as if empowered to confirm election - trumpet President-elect Biden.


Biden/Harris call for "unity."

Considering the 2016 election never accepted and under continuous attack since, that word "unity" mask for "surrender." Or else. 

From watching the airways these past days, clearly that is not going to happen.


But not vented in destruction; adults.  

This morning's news indicates President Trump plans to restart rallies.

Meanwhile, litigation.

To that, a question: Is there still integrity, honesty, truth, right over wrong, justice, etc., of our Constitution; the American way?

That is the essence of the complex problem.

One thing about Americans, an accepting people provided fair play.

When play not fair, trusting that right, through law and court, will eventually triumph. 

When law and order and courts fail right, Americans not amused at all.  

Following logic while deferring to history ...

In counterattack, what if President Trump ordered (his) 70+ million "force," "Americans, take back your country!"?

God Almighty, on this eve of the U. S. Marine Corps 245th Birthday, I pray not. 

I pray strong-willed, determined, courageous Americans wage ruthless, take-no-prisoners war, civilly, in court, and allegiance and oath to country and Constitution victorious.

George Washington knew a little something about this; his opening words. 

Keep the faith. 

God Bless America!    

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Jim said...

I'm trying to follow you final words Andy, but am not a patient man, never have been, never will. Still distraught and don't know if I have the faith to endure, but I must!