20 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow. - Jim Hightower

Fat Leonard. 

No, not a typo. Albert was a cartoon. 

Fat Leonard. 

Remember that name?

In short, that was the case of kickbacks, payoffs, perks, etc., for Sailors disclosing warship schedules for port call favored support. Fat Leonard, the contractor, got rich. And Sailors rewarded; though petty.  

It all fell apart. Dozens of senior Navy officers (including admirals), et al., caught. And the government hunted them all down. Rightfully. Courts martial. The proved guilty punished. But the innocent "punished" too - for guilt presumed; and they were treated as such.  

The Sailors illegal compensation (scope and amount) paled in comparison to what is coming forth on Hunter (not an exemplary Navy officer) and Joe Biden (and others). 

So why did Senate Republicans have to send a formal letter to Attorney General Barr "urging" him to look into the Biden crimes?

Trey Gowdy, last night during an interview addressing the Biden laptop and crimes in Ukraine, China and Russia, said, "The FBI is not supposed to investigate 'political' crimes. That's what media is supposed to do."


The program host did not ask the next logical questions: 

1. "Mr. Gowdy, please explain the difference between a crime and a political crime? Is a crime not a crime no matter what? Is there two laws - one for those temporarily in office and one for everyone else?"

2. "Well, Mr. Gowdy, when media is not media but unapologetic advocate for a political party then what?" 

3. "Who investigates the FBI? And DOJ?"

4. "Who investigates media?"

And there's more questions. 

Moving on, apparently, the word police (recently redefined "sexual preference" - while Amy Coney Barrett was being interrogated by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee - as offensive) have redefined "domestic enemy." 

Because all who have sworn oath to support and defend (the Constitution) against them do nothing. In truth, it appears to the common man there is defense of and support for (them).  

So, why bother with an oath? 

Thursday night's debate has a twist. 

New rule: Mics will be muted. 

That is, during the two minutes the other guy is addressing a question his opponent cannot interrupt. 

But think about it. 

That rule is not to suppress interruption (namely, President Trump). 

The Debate Commission/moderator now has means to cut Biden's mic when he goes incoherent. 

Then they can apologize to the audience for "inadvertently" cutting him off.


Something fishy is going on. 

A political party backed by government outfits established to be but no longer non-partisan and an agenda-driven partnering media have colluded in a more than four years long scheme to take down the President of the United States.

Though the people are saying, 'Oh no you won't!' 

Coast-to-coast enthusiasm [note rally and voter turnout] proof.

The Democrats - attacking President Trump since before taking office - have expressed concern about a peaceful transition of power (should Biden win).

Well, Biden is not going to win. 

But if Biden is declared the winner, stay put President Trump.

Stand our ground.  

Let the people (most Americans are fair) sort it out; since the FBI is not supposed to investigate political crimes and "media" will not. 

Alas, should the left ever capture our White House - and that's their objective - the first "intangible" to go will be the Constitution. Followed by our beautiful flag, Supreme Court, National monuments, and churches. They'll not stop until all trace of America, as we know it, is destroyed. 



Empirical, objective, rational analysis.

So, brethren, courage or conformity?

Your call. 


Don't be a dead fish, and pray.    

God help us! 

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Jim said...

I truly believe He is on our side, for He has so much to lose i.e., being part of our country.