25 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Sunday, 25 October 2020

How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn't make it a leg.  - Abraham Lincoln 

Trained an infantryman ...

Command the high command. 

High ground.

You can see - observe - all directions. 

Seize and control the high ground and odds are you win.

Trump Tower.

High ground.

Biden Basement.

Not high ground. 

See nothing. 

Tower v Basement - a striking visual contrasting the candidates battling for our Oval Office. 

President Trump, as usual, briskly walked point yesterday.

More than a leg up he has on frail Mr. Biden. 

Three rallies - Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin - morning to late, warm to cold, with tens and tens of thousands converging to see him.

Habit-clad nuns, toting Bibles and praying Rosary - sported MAGA masks.

Crowds - men, women, youth, all races, etc. - chanted, "We love you!"

President Trump replied in kind. 

Mr. Biden?

Oh, he popped out of his basement bunker for a brief appearance, somewhere - in Delaware (I think) again. 

Maybe a few tens of people showed; Trump supporters gave him an earned ration and he called them "chumps" (plagiarizing from the Clinton failed "deplorables" playbook).

During next three days President Trump has scheduled nine rallies - across the country. Last night he vowed to keep pace through Election Day though asked supporters for a day of sleep the day after.

They granted, wildly cheering. 

Mr. Biden is slated for two appearances; provided he's deemed able to break from the basement.

There was news report this morning de facto ticket head Kamala Harris make a "campaign appearance" in Cleveland (though she had to ask to confirm) yesterday. 

Finally, correct language from media. 

For to qualify as "rally" there must be people present. 

Barack Obama? Who? Exactly! Shamed into appearing for his vice president and is being laughed at. Yesterday in Florida; Trump country. There'll be no trace of his lousy eight years by mid-decade next.  

Find a basement, or two, Mr. Obama. Ask Joe.  

Towering Trump.

Brig Biden; for high crimes recently aired.

So, it's never too early to start planning. 

How should America properly recognize President Trump's remarkable eight years in office?  

A statue?

No. They've fallen (taken down, actually) out of favor.

How about currency?

Yes. Perfect! For a businessman who did and is restoring America's economic power - while gifting his entire salary back to country. 

Put him on a new note: $45 bill - portrait heads, big flag tails.

Call it a "T-Note." 

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