09 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Friday, 09 October 2020

In time the savage bull doth bear the yoke. William Shakespeare

Up hours before any good reason to be while sitting quietly in our library came thoughts of our country, our president.

Days of more than 50 years ago, simpler days, and a football practice drill called 'Bull in the Ring' struck as analogy. 

One player encircled. Teammates making up the ring, at coach's order or whistle, randomly charged the ever-pivoting bull. 

A simple drill: Take down the bull. 

The conqueror then assumed bull honors. 

The purpose of the contact was to reinforce fundamental tackling and blocking techniques and to toughen - bull and ring - while simulating game impromptu collisions.

It was a brutal drill; to prepare for a brutal game.  

And exhausting. 

Memory is no more than 15-20 minutes. And that was enough. To escape without being banged up and bruised impossible. 

That was football - a game of contact. 

Politics is a brutal contact game.  

President Trump is the bull.

For four years encircled. 

In contrast to football, with politics there's not rules, coaches, nor referees; not really.  

The ring attacks non-stop. 

President Trump, more than any president I can remember, is banged up and bruised but he's not been taken down. 

Americans love underdogs, warriors, and survivors. 

President Trump, love of and for him or not, is an underdog, warrior, and survivor. 

He proved that by winning the presidency in 2016. 

Since, he's proved remarkable - pivoting stamina and fighting off the ring for more than 1,400 days. 

What is the likelihood in 25 days he'll be knocked down? 

By someone - with dreams of wearing number 46 - in the ring who's full of bull?

Not likely. 

That's no bull. 

In time ...

Donald "Bull" Trump - has a nice ring to it. 


Jim said...

Well said Andy, superb analogy! I'm fast approaching the eight decade mark, and I too cannot remember any, repeat, any president who from day one of his win, not even waiting till the inauguration, he has been beaten up, shouted at, called mean-spirited names, including his entire family. My bride keeps asking me why in earth would he go for another term and take all that abuse, even from his predecessor (that too is a first) for four more long years? The answer is simple, and it surely isn't for monetary gain; he loves his country!

A Colonel of Truth said...

Jim, yes sir, love of country. There is nothing else for the ‘Bull’ who works for free. 🇺🇸

Dave said...

The Democrats really should rename their party. Its called truth in advertising. The Anti-American Party is much more fitting and appropriate. I shall call them such from this day forward.