22 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Thursday, 22 October 2020

Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit. Will Smith


Those words ran just below TRUMP 2020

The group one shy of a Hemingway 6-words short story but a story anyway. Big story!

That 4 x 6 feet red, white, and blue banner decorated a building's second story I happened by yesterday. 

Conclusion: Fed up courageous Americans. 

Tens of millions, patriots, share that sentiment though not all as boldly; eloquence a matter of opinion. 

How do I know?

Yesterday, for example ...

1. Joe Biden Day 4 of hiding - basement seclusion;

2. Kamala Harris - but a smattering showed in Charlotte, NC;

3. Barack Obama - flat out embarrassed himself before a smattering in Philadelphia for his plug for "Plugs" (Rush Limbaugh's endearing moniker for Biden); 

4. President Trump - thousands flocked to Gastonia (not far from Charlotte), NC, for his rally. 

People, like wily trout, can be fooled but. 

And that just one day observation pretty much summarizes the respective campaigns. 

Some time invested mulling over that banner.

Again, no secret, service of this forum truth. [See side panel disclosures.]

Truth, no matter what. 

Sometimes blunt, sarcastic, cynical, testy, exaggeration to cartoon level and dry humor injected to make a point. But truth. Freedom of Speech is a right. 

Today, breaking news and developing proof Joe Biden did not tell the truth as to not knowing about his son's "business" dealings in China, Russia, and Ukraine. He knew. Of course he knew. 

In hours, debate tonight, it's going to get uglier for Joe Biden. 

Bullshit warning!  

What matters to me?


P: Pledges - as in allegiance to country and flag; contributions to charity; word to do something for someone; etc.; 

O: Oaths - as in public service (civilian/military) sworn oath of office; etc.;

V: Vows - as in marriage; etc.;

I: Integrity - as in either have or have not; black and white; no gray; etc.;

D: Duty - as in the culminating personal conduct, behavior - thought, word, deed - guided by pledges, oaths, vows, and integrity; etc. 

20: 2020 and always. 

That's POVID-20 - bullshit detector. 


Is right. 

Not sorry. 

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