11 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Sunday, 11 October 2020

He who spares the bad injures the good. Publilius Syrus

This morning a major news outlet's social media page carried a story with the title, "Andrew McCarthy: Hillary Clinton - not Trump - colluded with Russians in effort to win 2016 election"

That long believed conclusion now substantiated fact thanks to President Trump ordering once classified documents unclassified without redaction. And more to come. Worse certainly. 

She did it.

Repeat, she, Hillary Clinton, did it. 

And she did it with President Barack Obama's knowledge and engagement; John Brennan's notes prove. 

Vice President Biden surely knew.

Repeat, Vice President Biden surely knew. 

America's three letter spy and justice agencies (charged with carrying out law and order and blind justice) knew and actively engaged.

To that, another story this morning reported the "Durham Report" - investigating the Russian collusion matter for years now - will not be released before the election.

Why not?

Why the hell not? 

As to not influence the election?

Is that a joke?

Well, good grief, is there better reason?

Should not Americans absolutely know the scope of candidate for president Joe Biden's criminal involvement - against a candidate for president (now sitting president), against America? 

And what, exactly, is Biden's relationship with the Russians, anyway?

Yesterday, responding to a reporter, Biden said Americans are not entitled to know his intentions in regard to "packing" the Supreme Court. He'll address that matter, if elected. 


Why not?

Why the hell not?

What country is this?

To that article on Hillary Clinton, I posted restrained comment ...

"She, along with all the others, ought to be marched before firing squad, then carried to gallows, followed by lethal injection (just to make sure), then sealed in a two feet thick rebar reinforced concrete casing buried 50 feet deep encircled with 20 feet high coils of concertina wire under the watchful eyes of 24/7 guards, armed with belt-fed machine guns, authorized deadly force in event of attempting escape."

" ... all the others ... "?

Barack Obama; Joe Biden; Loretta Lynch; John Brennan; James Clapper; James Comey; and whomever else had a role of any sort. Let none escape. For sort of being treasonous is analogous to sort of being pregnant. 

[Note: To assure readers who do not know me and may take my above "justice" for anything more than the exaggerated sarcasm for which intended, let me assure you sarcasm all. I believe, adamantly, in due process and that our judicial system is the only forum to tend to those whom violate their oath of office betraying public trust and country. That is the America way of law and order and justice.]

I pause ...

Their only remaining value to country is to be example of what happens when betraying public trust, oath of office, and country.

Otherwise, the blindfolded lady holding balanced scales is but wench and must, justifiably, be the next statue toppled. 

Donald Trump for President? 

Damn right.

Donald Trump for President!  

Or our Constitutional Republic, the only superpower standing between good and evil, is short for this world; for sparing a statistically insignificant few bad the enormous statistically significant good people injured - forever.  

Confirmation hearings begin tomorrow morning for Judge Amy Coney Barrett; President Trump's third nominee for the Supreme Court. 

Will she be blind?

We'll see. 


Unknown said...

That this info is not the main story on ALL new outlets is troubling beyond words. All listed are criminals! Simple as that. Hang them. Shoot them. Drown them. Matters not. DEAD!

Dave said...

Sigh... here I sit. Carefully cleaning the M1A1 SOCOM recently purchased. 7.62 caliber can reach quite a long way and do great harm. Destroy my country...no no - I think not.

Bob Castaldi said...

We have heard rattlings from those in the party that still cannot accept the results of the 2016 election that, should President Trump lose and refuse to vacate the White House, the military may be used to evict him. Those named in this article are amongst those trumpeting this sentiment. Little do they know, there are far more sworn under the oath of defenders of this Nation, an oath without expiration, who stand ready to take up arms to right the wrongs and enforce the laws against these treasonous ne'er do wells and usher them to the proverbial tall tree with short rope at the ready. Awaiting the orders - FALL IN!

Jim said...

Well put sir. Me thinks you were a tad mad, huh? LOL. Loved it, posted your link on my blog; www.wellalldiesasmarines.net

A Colonel of Truth said...

Yes, Jim. Perturbed. And thank you!

A Colonel of Truth said...

Let me be clear as to my comment about Hillary Clinton, et al. ... As is sometimes my pointed way when disappointed, the exaggeration of “justice” was meant as sarcasm. Plain sarcasm. Nothing more. Our American way is due process. And I pray nightly that each and every one who has violated their oath of office, betraying citizenry trust, is held accountable through our judicial system. More clear I will be to ensure folks who do not know my cynical side understand whatever sarcasm I may inject into otherwise civil commentary is just that - sarcasm.