29 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Thursday, 29 October 2020

The key to protecting the children is preventing infection in parents. Peter Plot

Following is truth, not opinion, as simply as possible. 

Joe Biden, with brother Jim and son Hunter on point, headed a shake down operation of foreign countries (including enemies China and Russia) to enrich family Biden. 

That sentence summarizes news breaking (still developing) this week. 

Family Biden silent; no denial. 

Joe, save a brief appearance or two before a handful here and there, pretty much secured in basement. Brother Jim, yesterday, waved off a reporter's pointed questions. Hunter not seen. 

And the left's propaganda machine, once known as "media," silent, too. Include social media's suppression button. Nary mention the story - deviously depriving tens of millions of facts and truth (before voting). 

Tony Bobulinski (not heard of him until this week), Lieutenant, U. S. Navy on an impressive resume and a legitimate successful international businessman, was hired by the Bidens to oversee what he believed legitimate business opportunities abroad (many countries). 

It was not; rather, Biden name and influence for sale. 

And only for the Bobulinski name (history of proud veterans) recently being publicly smeared by protective Biden supporters in Congress, a couple nights ago the Sailor forever dutifully, void agenda and personal gain, told America (during sit down with Fox News Channel program anchor Tucker Carlson) what he knew.

Mr. Bobulinski provided proof - authenticated. Compelling! 

In short, during recent years out of office and while sitting as vice president (and surely while a Senator) Joe Biden and family profited from at least unethical to logically illegal relationships with foreign (some enemy) countries.

Big money!

None of which is reflected on the 22 years of tax returns Mr. Biden recently publicly boasted with pride of releasing; a mocking challenge to President Trump. 

Does the expected and presumed neutral/balanced but apparently weighing left FBI and Department of Justice care about Mr. Biden's at least suspicious activities while in office under sworn oath (to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic)?

Not surprisingly, the everyday citizen has lost faith and confidence in equal justice under law. Ask a neighbor, any acquaintance, any stranger; cynical spontaneous laughter precedes word.

A symptom of infection. 

And what else went on and is going on hidden from the public? 

Just to be clear for the no-to-low-information, emotional voter, Mr. Biden is the Democrat candidate for President of the United States. 

Think about that. 

Yesterday I happened upon an undated letter, albeit recent, titled,

 "National Security Leaders for Biden - We are 780 retired Generals, Admirals, Senior Noncommissioned Officers, Ambassadors and Senior Civilian National Security Officials Supporting Joe Biden for President - An Open  Letter to America - To Our Fellow Citizens"

Peppered throughout some 25 U. S. Marine Corps retired generals - one to four stars: https://www.nationalsecurityleaders4biden.com

Names recognized. Some known. Others served under. 

Surprise, in reaction to human behavior, left me decades ago.

Disappointment has and will not. 

To each's judgment, your call.  

But considering this week's news, will any retract endorsement for Joe Biden and demand the outfit publish their names? 

Speaking of Marine generals, General David Berger, sitting Commandant of the Marine Corps, is driving controversial Force Design 2030 - which is better titled Force Design China.

Might there be just a bit of conflict of interest with a President-elect Biden?

Think about that. 

Thinking about this savage frontal and multiple sides envelopment attack on America and searching for context and analogy - mayoclinic.com in overview describes a staph infection ...

"Staph infections are caused by staphylococcus bacteria, types of germs commonly found on the skin or in the nose of even healthy individuals. Most of the time, these bacteria cause no problems or result in relatively minor skin infections.

But staph infections can turn deadly if the bacteria invade deeper into your body, entering your bloodstream, joints, bones, lungs or heart. A growing number of otherwise healthy people are developing life-threatening staph infections.

Treatment usually involves antibiotics and drainage of the infected area. However some staph infections no longer respond to common antibiotics."

Yesterday's "news" noted Facebook has a dozen or so Chinese nationals in our country writing algorithms in reality to suppress truth. 

Meanwhile, Twitter's CEO denied, before a Senate subcommittee, suppressing truth (re: blocking NY Post tweet about Hunter Biden's laptop, etc.). 

Right (loud eye roll).  

Strip them all (all "media") of 230 protection - Senators - a step toward righting our severely listing to port ship. 

And how about the sundry power hungry yesterday trying to suppress Tuesday voting by frightening the public - crashing markets and raising the noise level of covid returning (believe if you want). 

This morning a headline - the Girl Scouts of America removed a tweet congratulating Amy Coney Barrett on becoming an Associate Justice of our Supreme Court. [Did Twitter block/shame the GSA into that retraction?]

Think about that. 

Perhaps the GSA can hire family Biden to hawk their junk in China? There's a fortune in cookies, you know. 

Too, this morning, a friend, whom I know to likewise be civil in public discourse, notified me he was banned by Twitter yesterday. Welcome to the club (entered nearly 3, maybe longer, years ago). So much for freedom of speech; even civil truth). 

War in America - the fight of her life - against a staph infection now arage deep in our collective body.  

The Biden/Harris ticket declares, "Battle for the Soul of This Nation."

Well, ironically, that's right.

This election is not about the choice between personalities - a by-all-appearances traitor clearly suffering cognitive impairment/Alzheimer's and opponent with monstrous ego and big-hearted gushing love of country. 

No, this election is about our Constitution, and aligning policies thereto to support, defend, and promote freedom(s) - home and abroad. 

Joe Biden, win or lose, is but bit of anti-American bacteria to be hauled out with all other post-election debris on 04 November. His name, yet again, will have served its purpose. 

His ticket mate and fuming, bitter staff e.g., some in Congress, others in government, "media," etc., the infection waging war to survive, prevail.

Unlike the Law of War there is not rules nor laws in this fight.

Lie, cheat, steal - whatever it takes.   

Oh, make no mistake, there's China (but not restricted to) virus alright. 

Believers hold tight hope that God bestowed upon America an all-in-one therapeutic, antibiotic, vaccine, and cure ...

Donald J. Trump; lionhearted. 

His unapologetic, patriotism flowing through America's pulsing veins; by the tens of thousands whom rally, and rally, and rally; and by the hundreds of thousands, quietly.

War it is. 

With the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention smack dab in the middle; metaphorically.  

Wise up, parents! 

Inoculate children - start with our Pledge of Allegiance - tomorrow's parents. 

Otherwise, septic shock America's, as founded, cause of death.

Having led life pledging allegiance to country, vowing oath to Constitution, practicing Honor, Courage, Commitment to Corps and Country, and duty, I'm sick to my stomach. A Sailor I know seconds. 


Unknown said...

Most excellent Colonel. This election is about country and platform. Vote for America!

Unknown said...

Great comments sir. If only the public would vote for policy not personality.