24 October 2020



By Andy Weddington

Saturday, 24 October 2020

We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office. -Aesop

Yesterday no distractions - thoughts devoted to Marines; of yesterday - Sunday, 23 October 1983 replayed over and over.

And late in the day sang 'Happy Birthday' to my youngest brother; too a veteran.   

Earlier this morning, way too early, awakened by thoughts of Thursday night's debate, and what probably happened before Mr. Biden could don mask and beeline for the basement.

Kamala Harris threw a hissy fit.

Her chance of being sworn in as President on 20 January 2021 fricking gone - thanks to Mr. Biden's ending fossil fuels/fracking remark (previous recordings verify); among other 'what would be blunders to someone not cognitively impaired suffering Alzheimer's' things. 

One of those things a younger Biden's laptop with damning emails re: China ... 

Elder Biden, to distract, pointed out President Trump had a bank account in China.

President Trump ably defended himself.

But in addition to stating that account was closed in 2015 what President Trump might have said ...

"Yes, Joe - Big Guy, I had a bank account in China. So do many private international businessmen have bank accounts in China. That is not a crime. However, it is a crime for the sitting vice president of the United States to shake down China, and other countries, to enrich self and family. I gift you my time to explain."

To be clear, I queried a lawyer friend the other day if any law/statute included the language "political crime" (term uttered by Trey Gowdy earlier in the week) and if so if there was language that addressed the difference between crimes and political crimes.

He, as always, replied succinctly: "No."

Last night came news not heard before the Bidens, same younger and elder, et al., were party to the (shady) sale of a small American company with expertise in anti-vibration (civilian and military applications) technology to a Chinese company fronting China's military. 

This morning I read a related article (Google Biden and vibration technology - take your pick of articles).

Joe Biden was sitting vice president. 

Deal approved by Obama administration. 

Theft of intellectual property is problematic.

Delivery of intellectual property, to an enemy, for personal enrichment is more problematic. 

A Marine friend pointed out this morning it's called treason. 

Yes it is. 

During the four years witch hunt to take out President Trump, Democrats, bar none, ranted "No one is above the law."

Asking for many friends ... Considering what is now in federal law enforcement's hands e.g. laptop, whistleblower statement along with several cell phones, etc., will any Biden be arrested and charged before 03 November?

And, by the way, where's that 'Durham Report'? 

Does it contain corroboration?

Crumbles the fortune cookie; no lucky numbers.  

Who else knows the scope - macro and micro - of family Biden international "banking"?

Is this too "China virus"?

A handful of names immediately come to mind. 

Will they be advised of rights?

So ...

America is little more than 244 years old.

Imagine if not the election of Donald J. Trump?!

He is America's 500 years flood; chagrin to some, glee to many. 

Good. We're assured a few more years afloat. 

And many more if a wide arc of justice insures enemies, particularly domestic, policed these next four.

Defy Aesop. 

Spare the petty thieves and hang the great ones holding office.  

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Jim said...

Well said my friend and brother Marine. . . . . . waiting for a BUT? Okay, here it is. While I wished I had a sense of optimism reference our justice system, I do not. Sadly Lady justice is not blind. I suspect no one will be indicted, prosecuted, and jailed. The Dems were incorrect, there are lots of folks "above the law," especially them.