26 September 2020



By Andy Weddington

Saturday, 26 September 2020

Privilege, in any society, is the reward of duties performed. Russell Kirk

Last night blew up an horrendous thunderstorm; deep angry thunder - not TV radar nor weather app - forewarned.

Strong winds and hail - tennis ball size chunks lasting 10-15 minutes - battered the area. 

At calm, neighbors spilled out to comfort, assess damage, and help each other. 

Some homes, grounds, and cars fared bettered than others. Some got clobbered.   

Our sweet community is all ages, colors, and creeds; 'a privilege to live here' common heartfelt sentiment.

In contrast, again this morning an angering "news" caption " ... white privilege ... systemic racism ...  ".

Life of privilege ... 

P -  patience; peace; pride; personal and professional development; prevail

R - responsibility (ownership); respect

I - integrity (all or none)

V - values (a to z)

I - intelligence; involvement; invention

L - loyalty; learning; leadership

E - ethics; endurance; experience

G - gratitude; generosity; gifting; graciousness

E - excellence; encouragement

Duty knows privilege - work, sacrifice, and rewards of bettering self, others, community, and country; winners.   

Hue of privilege?

Black, brown, red, white, yellow. 

Thank God for neighbors of PRIVILEGE; experienced weathering storms - including Hell, at times. 

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