22 September 2020



By Andy Weddington

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout. Herman Wouk 

"Raw political power" is the enemy's recent absurd charge against our President. 

That is, President Trump's move - sworn duty per Constitution - to nominate, and have seated, a new Supreme Court justice soonest. 

That Election Day looms moot; but not to those still amidst four-years tantrum.

"Raw political power." 

Redundant. Of course. Redundant. 


One word.

Raw understood.

Power understood.


It's the greatest of four-letter words four letters too long. 

And though not a politician proper President Trump has mastered the game. 


Those he trump seethe. 

A word about "those."

"Those" - especially "those" holding elected office (Congress) - who threaten 'burn the whole thing down;' 'radicalize and take violence to the street;' 'nothing is off the table;' etc., are not American politicians true to Constitution. 

Rather, despite oath, antagonists - domestic enemies; attacking in the clear under the protective shield Democrat.

Reality is. 

Language, representing reality, matters. 

Language, truth or not, pollutes (reality).  

So, yes, language matters.

Precise language matters more. 

Concise, clear language matters more still. 

And then there's the all important matter of communicating - agreement and consensus. 

Fix the (your) language!

If enemy, say enemy. 


Oath takers, how about raw courage? And overwhelming power?

Draw sword!

Fix bayonets!

Yesterday "full circle" in a few short sentences posted to social media caught my attention.

What about "circle" requires clarification?

And why is it people are ever running around in them? 

Many an American is full.  

And they own things with circular tubes that house expendable circular things that make holes not circular.

In concise, clear language ...

Guns and ammo; two four-letter words.

When politics fails.  

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