18 August 2020



By Andy Weddington

Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Idealism loses to pragmatism when it comes to winning elections. Danny Strong

To today's title query the child yet to develop (verbal) linguistic subtlety replies, "A skunk with diaper rash," or some such silliness then giggles. 

Yet once the finer aspects and beauty of language understood the classic, more sophisticated, answer summons a smile. 

I've vivid memories of this language growth from my dad; a clever gent with words, at times. [In a table aside his family room chair, I remember a child's thin plywood bolo paddle he'd removed the thin elastic band and red rubber ball from and in black magic marker printed:"For the bottom of the problem!" That paddle, if only making an appearance, resolved a lot of problems.] 

Anyway, skunk nor newspaper correct today.

Last night I sent a short sarcastic text asking a far away friend, once neighbor, if he was sporting Biden/Harris gear (to kick off the DNC Convention).

Without delay came reply - absent, and disappointedly so, expected wit and snark. For better things to do, he'd pretty much checked off the net not only ignoring politics but news for all the fawning over idiots.

Amen, brother. Ditto, for the most part.

Though last evening, for giggles, I did watch some of the DNC warmup acts before our typical early Taps. 

Fake polls. Euphoria. Infomercials hawking the Pocket Fisherman came to mind. Form over substance. 

The time, wasted, proved worth more than giggles.

I slept soundly.

RNC next week.

Stand by.

DNC this week. 

With President Trump smartly counter-campaigning; to massive crowds.

Joe making us crazy and his crazy Jamaican are talking, a lot; mostly about and against President Trump. Less talk about their platform and they're not taking tough questions.


A plethora of reasons. 

One, for example. 

Last night retired Fox News anchor Brit Hume, a savvy political analyst, opined it's clear Biden is senile. And he, Biden, is limited to what he will be able to handle as to public speaking and debates. 

Yes, senile or dementia/Alzheimer's is clear. 


Lucid; presumably.

Morals, ethics, and integrity; hardly.

Consequently, brand not selling.

Particularly, note blacks - many prominent enjoying airtime and legions not - rebuking party Democrat. 

The quiet majority, white and black and otherwise, know their mission.   

This morning, out of the blue (there's that linguistic subtlety) thinking about dad, the black and white and read all over riddle came to mind. 

Albeit "a" change: red for read.

What's black and white and red all over?

The building tsunami ...

The Red Wave.  

'Merica (6 x 8.25 in. watercolor)

To close ...

Politics does not interest me. America interests me. Freedom interests me. Security and safety to enjoy freedom interests me. And I believe those core interests interest the vast majority of Americans. 

So, based solely on sundry observations and logic, a pragmatic prediction: Black percentage voting Trump will flabbergast. Overall reelection numbers will be epic. Rushmore is at capacity. Ideally, search for another mountain top. 

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