29 August 2020



By Andy Weddington

Saturday, 29 August 2020

Speak when angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret. Ambrose Bierce

At the urging of others, I started this commentary 12 years ago and not before giving considerable thought to answering the simple question "Why?"  

Guidelines, few and simple. First, six months trial. Second, not under the cover of anonymity. Third, civility a must; albeit pointed when necessary. 

To that template, and nearly 1,200 published commentaries, I remain true.

Top left on my Commentary homepage is the following notice ...

"Comments welcome! Civility required - acerbic personal remarks and profanity not acceptable. Disagree? Then an intelligent counterpoint, on topic, not under the shell of anonymity required. Submissions in breach of good order will not be posted. Thank you."

Clear enough.

Though I do not publish in breach of submissions to the specific commentary, comment received to yesterday's commentary - No Leadership and the New Chaos - is below offered and addressed. 

From the angry reader ...

"Did you actually see the video footage with your eyeballs? Or base this post on Rand Paul's puss ass account of what happened, you old cracker? Reading your site helps me better understand the mind of a terrified old racist."

Dear angry reader ...

Reread the commentary. I wrote, "This morning I watched coverage of Senator Paul and his wife under attack, albeit surrounded by police, by a swelling mob determined to harm them." 

The words, "I watched" means I saw the video footage with my eyeballs. So, to your question, I can only assume, 1.) You did not read the commentary; 2.) You cannot comprehend what you read (there are many wonderful, affordable, self-help books and online resources to address this deficiency). 

Your second sentence, assuming I understand what you meant to ask, is grammatically incorrect. But I will only address as you crafted, that is, asking if I'm an "old cracker?" No. I'm a middle-aged, retired U.S. Marine; infantryman. Amongst my favorite crackers were those in the C-Rations can (now obsolete which I suppose qualifies me as "old" to some Marines).  

Your final sentence struck me especially interesting. How long have you been reading this forum? Did you not read commentary published 05 June 2020 - Listen, Listen Closely.? For your ease of access, to address your "old racist" concerns ...


As to being "terrified" ... 

Only of disappointing my parents; who raised me to treat everyone with dignity and respect regardless of differences; to stand up for myself and beliefs, no matter what; to recognize right from wrong and engage accordingly; to protect those unable to defend themselves; to at all times be a gentleman; and so much more.

To me, your submission reflects a frustrated soul. What a pity, as life is so brief. But thank you, sincerely, for reading and opining. I respond not to embarrass but further educate the public at-large. I wish you well. A prayer for you.

Post Script 

Last night before retiring I watched an interview with Senator Rand Paul and his wife. They were bewildered and angry and still shaken; especially Mrs. Paul. Of course.  


Anonymous said...

Appropriate words from the Scriptures, " Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing?" ( Psalm 2 v1)

Consumed with hate, the radicals are, consumed completely.

robo eng said...

Great response Andy.

Anonymous said...

To the Angry Reader, I've known the "Old Cracker" for nigh unto thirty years. I can think of no one who is less terrified by tense, difficult situations or outright conflict. I would suggest you raise your flag of defeat now, as this is a battle you shall surely lose. Trust me.

Dave said...

Bewildered, angry, and shaken? There are plenty of horrible people in the the world. It's just who they are. Currently, the Democrats and media in this country support these very worst "members" of society. Disorder and make believe victimization assists their pathetic cause. The quest for power.

Looking forward to November and 4 more years. America.