21 August 2020



By Andy Weddington

Friday, 21 August 2020

You have to be odd to be number one. Dr. Seuss 

Last night Joe Biden's staff somehow got him through reading his acceptance speech without self-destructing.

They, and he, pulled off what many (including me) believed unlikely.  

Anyone watching had to be wondering how much rehearsal required and what juice was he given. 

In contrast, to that success, this morning I watched a 5 minutes and 41 seconds montage of Joe Biden's recent, on the pre-Covid campaign trail, speaking flubs - of words, numbers, history, concepts, etc. 

Gold! Pure comedy. Hilarious! 

The GOP would be wise to run a 24/7 loop from now to Election Day.

This morning, too, arrived text from a longtime friend noting that, if elected, Biden would be older taking office than President Ronald Reagan was leaving office.

Age does not concern me so much.

Dementia is the real conversation. 

President Reagan left office with Alzheimer's. 

Joe Biden would enter office with Alzheimer's.

So to that point there's every reason to believe the Democrats, if Biden won, have no intention of allowing him to be sworn in.

And there's every reason to believe the Democrats have doctors standing by to declare Biden mentally unfit to assume office.

Kamala up. 

A new Vice President already tapped.

For obvious and subtle reasons not a woman; of color or not.  

Not much for politics but to be fair, I watched some of the Democrat convention each evening.

In short, a video People Magazine - recognizable names of shallow folks who believe themselves important and no substance. Good for playing in doctors and dentists and auto repair waiting rooms. 

What should have been substantive talk of policy and differences thereof - domestic and foreign - to educate America yielded to childish nonsense, downright lies, and tantrums themed Trump bad.

Worst of all, former Presidents willingly embarrassed themselves.

Were it not so pathetic it'd have been funny. 

Next week Republicans tell their story.

I'll watch some of that, too, each evening, to be fair.

And will be fair in review.  

For better things to do this afternoon, to close ... 

Joe Biden is no Ronald Reagan.

Donald Trump is no Joe Biden. 

And Donald Trump, love or hate, has achieved more his first term, despite being under relentless frontal and enveloping attack, than Ronald Reagan did in eight years.

That's fact. 

A perfect President is not possible.

Neither is seating a President suffering Alzheimer's nor a running mate of LaLa Land possible. 


There's another cohort of voters polls can't ignore nor figure - the vocal for Biden who will quietly vote for President Trump; and deny to their dying day.  

Because, after all, in the end, everyone, to some degree, is like a politician - looking out for number one. And there's nothing odd about that.  

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