23 August 2020



By Andy Weddington

Sunday, 23 August 2020

No one - absolutely no one - is above the law. Leon Jaworski

Since winning the 2016 election, the anti-Trump mob has been trying to prove Donald Trump broke law.

"No one is above the law," their droning and misdirecting mantra. 

It's a Democrat talking point, topic moot. 


They failed.


And all that time and money and energy wasted more than mere distraction. 

They failed America.

Fact is, thanks to their maniacal persistence, investigations discovered the contrary - that President Trump was the target of law breakers.

Exactly how many law breakers and whom yet to be made public.

It's coming!

But include Barack Obama.

Too, Vice President Joe Biden. 

And so was the Department of Justice (DOJ), et al.; self-declared above law. 

We live a new day.

Most prominently, attorney John Durham has been investigating; untangling the complicated drunken spider web of dastardly deceit, double-talk, and double-cross.  

DOJ indictments beginning; a lawyer - of the (Trump) resistance - last week (for altering documents).

He but a bit player. 

Trophies still at-large. 

Attorney General William Barr says more to come.

Thus, Democrats whine - concerns about releasing investigation findings so close to the election.


That is not a concern. 

Should not be a concern.

Must not be a concern. 

If Joe Biden robbed a bank or committed some other heinous crime tomorrow or in October, he'd be arrested.

If John Durham substantiated Joe Biden played in the conspiracy to take down President Trump then our citizenry is entitled to know, and Biden should be immediately arrested and charged.

Politicians (nominee for President or not) do not enjoy exemption from law.

In truth (too bad it's theory), the politician is expected to be the consummate example of compliance. [Laughable, I know.]

Anyway, so should all the others, election or no election, be arrested and charged.

Timing has nothing whatsoever to do with law enforcement and order and justice. 

Preservation of our Republic trumps. 

Duty, Mister Attorney General. 

Full accounting to we the people. Now!  

Arrest, charge, and try every conspirator. 

Punishment, harsh, for the convicted. 

That is ...

if no one is above the law. 

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Anonymous said...

Superb talking points for the Republican National Convention.