20 May 2020


By Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 20 May 2020

The important thing to know about an assassination or an attempted assassination is not who fired the shot, but who paid for the bullet. Eric Ambler 

Way too early this morning out of light sleep came thought we're living the biggest assassination attempt in the history of man.

Yes, the virus.

Target: Trump

With it, one way or another, they're trying to kill Trump.

He stands, speaks, and tweets defiance. 

And, after medical consultation, he recently decided to take (the controversial) hydroxychloroquine. 

Patient testimonials swear the drug saved their life.

Doctors and scientists split (for lack of rigor proving effectiveness). 

President Trump weeks ago asked if someone's dying what is there to lose? 


Now President Trump is taking it. Why? Because doctors and scientists do not know everything. There is not correlation between lack of evidence and effectiveness. Even prevention. Though there is established a believed connection between use and the infected surviving. Why not?

So now they're angrier (if that's possible) at him; for possibly minimizing susceptibility to their assassination attempt. 

More than three years into his first term and they, rabid for failure after failure to remove him from office through hoax and impeachment, do not care who gets hurt so long as they get Trump. 

Whatever collateral damage the cost of mission accomplishment.  

He mocks them.

Growing is the number of defiant folk too mocking them. 

Ironically, this morning came email from a scholarly friend with link to a COVID-19 article titled, 'What if we've all been primed?" by Tom Nikkola (tomnikkola.com).

The article falls in line with the discipline General Semantics - a field of study I've studied and practiced for more than 40 years and written about on occasion in this forum.

To repeat, General Semantics is the study of how language influences and shapes human behavior.

General Semantics is a great big slap in the face, dose of truth, of reality about the world we inhabit. 

The discipline's core axioms illustrate: The word is not the thing. The map is not the territory. 

That is, there is difference between things of the world and the words and symbols we use to represent those things. There is connection only because of agreement. Anything could be called anything. 

(Individual and societal) sanity is not only awareness of that fact but putting that understanding into daily practice; for it is easy, and potentially harmful, to get caught up in casually accepting a thing and what that thing is called is one and the same. They are not. 

Not a conspiracy guy, Nikkola uses the term "behavioral priming" to explain what may be going on with the statements flooding media e.g., We're all in this together; Stay home. Stay safe; We'll get through this; It's our new normal.

Are they trying to change, without revealing intent, individual thinking and collective behavior? 

So it seems. 

Foolish to discount the possibility. 

Consider "Hands up, don't shoot!"

To point, truth is not a necessary consideration of nor for behavioral priming.

Rather, the objective to shape thought and ultimately (change) behavior.

Think advertising (the goal to find the right words and symbols). 

The defiant are a sort of virus. 

In this case, good.

Nikkola does not wander down the path of considering the virus as assassin's tool. 

But truth can't be realized if dismissing even the most remote of possibilities as impossible.

Another friend recently mentioned a Tom Clancy novel (I forget which one) proved truth - years after published. He wasn't crazy.    

Considering our now known government's frightening scope of effort to take out President Trump since before he was elected, too knowing his predecessor was party to, why discount Corona Virus as means for assassination?

Shooters known.

Who paid for the bullet? 


Jim said...

Hmm, that one's heavy Andy.

Cy Kammeier said...

I am sure it's more than coincidence that some in the White House inner circle have come down with Covid-19 virus. An assassination attempt? Good for Trump in taking the prophylaxis doxychoroquine.
During my tour in Vietnam, as did all of our Advisors, took chloroquine for an entire year as a malaria preventative without ill efffects.

Unknown said...

The truth herein. Ask yourselves, “What is a weapon?” What can be weaponized? Purpose? Intent? Students of war know we attack and exploit the vulnerabilities of our enemy. Psyops! A “weapon” and much like the media. Get inside the head of your enemy (Conservatives).
Break the “will of your enemy”. Shakespeare. “The play is the thing wherein we’ll catch the conscience of the King”. Anything used to shape the outcome you seek.