10 February 2020


By Andy Weddington
Monday, 10 February 2020

There's no question that [Donald] Trump got elected because of rural America. And our party still is in denial. Collin Peterson

Yesterday morning we instructed Siri to map a route bypassing interstates and highways. 

Starting in northwest South Carolina, by way of windy and hilly narrow roads, we meandered to the northeast into North Carolina.

The towns small. 

Nearly all with at least one railroad crossing.

Most without a traffic light.

And without exception churches in town and on the perimeter. 

Since it was Sunday, parking lots full; of modest wheels. 

Who are these rural Carolinians; Americans?

What do they do for a living?

How do they survive?

Sign aplenty of hardship. 

Mills shuttered.

Some farms.

But otherwise it appeared small businesses the staple.

American flags fly proudly everywhere.

We saw flags atop tall poles in front yards and the more common front porch flag on short angled staff. Our flag was painted on commercial buildings and barns and pallets. And small flags decorated graves in cemeteries aside old churches.

Marines flew Corps colors.

There was a Navy flag or two.

But the second most popular flag was the red, white, and blue banded 'Trump 2020.'

We lost count how many.

And we lost count of Trump signs. 

President Trump is popular in these parts.

That's neither subjective nor fake poll but empirical conclusion. Fact.

Interestingly enough we passed through Cherokee County, South Carolina. Nary a sign of 'native son' Elizabeth Warren. Telling.

At a small not-so-busy convenience store we stopped for gas. We bought water and on a rare whim some lottery tickets. Geez, why not?!

An unshaven gent in well-worn clothes not quite adequate for the chilly weather came in with a big smile on his face - he held a lottery ticket worth a $100.00. He was happy saying how much he needed the money. What are the odds - of instantly winning $100.00? I don't know but bet the odds are pretty good he was a Trump man. 

Forty-five minutes later, at lunch in the Olde Hickory Tap Room, Hickory, NC, some folks sported the popular Trump MAGA hat. Church over and the parking lot packed, bumper stickers another overt sign of support for President Trump.

After lunch and short visit with a college friend not seen in 30 years and her husband - Trump people - we headed east towards home; only part of the way along Interstate.

Rolling due east tackling the last familiar miles under the glow of a rising great big golden full moon, I reflected ... 


For true polls wander the back roads around and through small town America. 

We did that same sort of "polling" in the north of New Jersey weeks before the 2016 election. 

Historically Democrat country, Trump signs smothered Clinton. 

Clearly, despite media polls, the election was over.

Media is not in the truth business. 

Media polls are designed to entertain, blind, skew, promote, give false hope, and discourage (opposition voters).

Angry, they're doing it again.

Entertaining indeed. 

It's not going to work.

But don't take my word for it.

Consult Siri.

Avoid tolls. 

Go. Go poll real roads. 

Anywhere, not just in the Carolinas. 

See truth.

Remember, first buckle up.

Take a break for gas and water. Buy a lottery ticket. 

And "buckle up," too, if in denial. 

Rural America foretells; listen closely, you'll hear freedom's sweet ring of our liberty bell.   

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