05 February 2020


By Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 05 February 2020

Virtue is bold, and goodness never fearful. William Shakespeare

Bold (brash sometimes) is our President Trump. 

Last evening he, our true public servant working gratuitously, reported to America - State of the Union. 

Policy his script - with clarity and focus, accomplishments reviewed and route of march outlined. 

Beautiful moments demonstrated impact of policies - the spotlight on youth to elder and all colors of Americans.

Ugly moments, too. 

Americans - momentarily holding office with some clad in the color of purity - seated throughout not cheering America.


The ugly climax followed President Trump's last word. The "leader" - House Speaker Pelosi - of ugly ripping in half her office's official copy of the President's address.

That choreographed tantrum validating she - after the vice president next in line to assume the presidency - is neither bold nor beautiful; too ugly for public service.  

Today the Senate will acquit our impeached bold President.

It's right, it's beautiful; our Republic's grand design at work. 

So, onward with the bold work outlined to better beautiful America.


Losing and disagreement are healthy.

Tolerance necessary.  

Obstruction, on the other hand, especially the ongoing attempt to take out a fairly elected President through deceit at the expense of the citizenry's time and money, another. 

In fact, America's under attack; media abettor.  

So ...

No matter quarter of hiding, what is a domestic enemy?  

What is the duty of those sworn to federal public service? 

Goodness, ask the fearless bold - resident in the home of the brave; some sworn, all by allegiance pledged.  

Sometimes, like preserving a Republic, ugly is beautiful; bold required.   


Unknown said...

Welcome back, well stated!

Tom H. said...

As to the Speaker's actions/behavior yesterday evening, several adjectives come to mind: disrespectful; reprehensible; disgraceful; pathetic, and; childish. She is unworthy of the office she holds and should be held accountable.

Jim said...

Such a disgrace by "her." She got that from her scumbag father with whom I had to live in Baltimore during my youth. Hopefully she nailed the coffin for DNC.