19 September 2019


By Andy Weddington
Thursday, 19 September 2019

The best we can hope for concerning the people at-large is that they be properly armed. - Alexander Hamilton, The Federalist Papers

Last evening we, at the Orpheum - Omaha, Nebraska, and me in fitted stockings of Washington weave ...


Clever the show's marketing, making for people at-large demand.

Grand Tier, commanding, seats - months in advance - for Franklins. And Grant, Jackson, and Jefferson, too.

At theatre door staff scanner armed - detect bar code on phone and metal not bone. 

Playbill official four Lincolns, not free; bit much though not to enslave thee. 

Lights. No cameras, please. Action!

Interesting, history interpreted good; sometimes bad rap. 

Opinion clashes, arguments, duel(s) and death but only set floor revolver.

Brilliant, determined, courageous men they who shaped America, saints not.

The king, by George, staged here and there. 

Regal in robe with crown jewels aglow - witty lines, moves, and perfect sense of time - personable he damn near stole the fast-paced show.

So, to vote ...

Politics, smears, scandals, controversy aside - for story, originality, score, set, costumes, talent, presentation, entertainment pure - on a scale of $1, $2, $5 to $10 ...

A challenge to trump.

HAMILTON - atop five point star - is (right) on: $10! 

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Peter Collins said...

"- for Franklins. And Grant, Jackson, and Jefferson, too."