20 March 2019


By Andy Weddington
Wednesday, 20 March 2019

Logic works, metaphysics contemplates. Joseph Joubert

The noise against building a wall along our southern border is tiresome. 


Most every day I leave a military base - encircled by a tall fence topped with barbed wire - through one of several controlled access points called gates.  

The gates are "manned."

To enter base requires slowing to a crawl to negotiate several speed bumps - a force protection measure.

Complementing the speed bumps is a series of carefully staggered barricades - another force protection measure. 

At the gate a valid identification card permitting access must be shown to sentries; packing side arm and usually an automatic weapon slung across chest. 

Those not in possession of a valid identification card are turned away. 

Those who might attempt to aggressively enter base anyway would be greeted with force and most likely shot (dead, if sentry any good).

High fencing topped with barbed wire helps keep out trespassers (and base residents and workers safe). 

Limited access points, gates, work to keep out trespassers. 

Speed bumps work to slow everyone; and deter those intent on trespassing. 

Speed bumps work more effectively when staggered barricades complement. 

Speed bumps and staggered barricades work better still when backed by armed sentries required to check identification cards and trained in the use of deadly force. 

Logical it is a wall, with limited access points, supported by surveillance and armed sentries, will significantly reduce trespassers.

That is, a wall, along with layered support, is a speed bump.

Speed bumps work.

Walls work.

If a problem with the wall, with national security, keep making noise but kindly make your way towards the exit; egress is easier. 

Though remember, many another country not so understanding of noisy people. So, contemplate. 

Good luck. 

Drive safe!

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