12 October 2018


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 12 October 2018

The deeds you do may be the only sermon some persons will hear today. St. Francis of Assisi 

Kanye West, topped with a red MAGA cap, was in the West Wing yesterday.

In a bit of show, he met with President Trump.

Were a stranger to approach with a million dollar gift if able to name one thing for which Kanye West is famous I could not do it. 

Other than knowing, for being in the "news," he supports President Trump Mr. West is not on my scope. 

But I listened to what he said. Bright guy. He gets it. And for that he's getting bloody; as the first guy through the wall always does. Always.

His critics clueless. 

Last evening on Fox News Channel's Special Report host Bret Baier said something that caught my attention.

Mr. Baier framed President Trump as a successful businessman and television star before becoming a politician.


President Trump is a lot of things. But President or not he's not a "politician." 

President Trump was elected for not being a politician. 

President Trump leads not as a politician but as a successful businessman. And for that he's bloodied, too.

Politicians talk about problems and fix nothing.

Businessmen fix problems and talk about nothing but the next problem. 

President Trump is fixing problems. 

Mr. West sees that, and is talking about problems our President needs to fix. 

Mr. West, who happens to be black, is trying to fix problems plaguing the black community - while facing the mountain of black loyalty to the Democrat party. 

Why the loyalty when a mountain of facts prove such not warranted? 

Not social scientist nor geneticist, is there a psychologicol push or dominant gene to mastery?

Is it a fixable problem? 

Somehow, yes. 

A few closing points for the good order ...

- Kanye West is an example, a leader. 

- President Trump is a leader. And example of what future Presidents must be; not a politician.  

- Never again should America elect a "politician" to be President. Never! President Trump, never having held any elected office, is proving the people are best served by a non-politician, a leader; focused on and determined to fix problems. 

- To complement a non-politician President, term limits in the House and Senate - to rid our representation of "politicians" and install problem fixers. No more than three 4-years terms (consecutive or not) in the House, and no more than two 6-years terms (consecutive or not) in the Senate. In theory, a citizen could serve in Congress 24 years (consecutively or not). The majority will not. 

- Once in a while on social media pops up the idea of President Trump being added to Mount Rushmore. Ridiculous! Absurd! Crazy! After an 8-years winning streak, he'll deserve his own mountain. Start the search. Somewhere out west indeed good. To enrage the left wing, California. 

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