02 October 2018


By Andy Weddington
Tuesday, 02 October 2018

Call it a character flaw - when under attack, I counter attack. Richard Marcinko

No easy undertaking it is to think like a Democrat. 

More challenging still is to scheme like a domestic enemy (which many a Democrat has morphed into - at least as understanding our Constitution and oath sworn to support and defend).

But yesterday I managed, at least momentarily, to set aside critical thinking skills, common sense, and moral courage.

As to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and her sexual assault allegations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh dating back to summer 1982, a theory based on an old line came to mind. 

That is, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.' 

Per research this morning, the phrase dates back to 1697 and was penned by English playwright and poet William Congreve in his play The Mourning Bride ...

Heav'n has no Rage, like Love to
Hatred turn'd,
Nor Hell a Fury, like a Woman

Two-hundred ninety years later, the 1987 film 'Fatal Attraction' starring Glenn Close as scorned woman Alex comes to mind. 

Though in that fictional story the playwright scripted consensual relations with the assault not beginning until bachelorette Alex was scorned by Dan (Michael Douglas) a married man. 

I've not seen nor heard the possibility raised to date, but might Dr. Christine Blasey Ford be a woman scorned?

Rachel Mitchell, the sex crimes expert and prosecutor from Arizona, who questioned Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh last Thursday delivered a five-pages memorandum to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Her memo details so many inconsistencies in the stories Dr. Ford has told about the assault, just in recent months, I lost count.

Ms. Mitchell concluded Dr. Ford's allegation even falls short of 'he said, she said.' 

Considering Ms Mitchell's memorandum as complement to all else floating about the Internet and social media, including photographs of Dr. Ford and Judge Kavanaugh as high school students, the woman (schoolgirl) scorned is not improbable.

Reminder, my brain is in the scorned woman, Democrat, and domestic enemy mode. For to destroy an enemy it's necessary to understand and preempt them. 

As a boy, at least from photographs, Judge Kavanaugh was nice-looking. He'd have certainly caught the eye of girls. And been chased by them. Infatuated high school girls, lookers or not, can be a lot more than pestering.  

As a girl, at least from photographs, Dr. Ford was not yet a swan. Nice-looking boys would not have given her a first look much less second. But that does not deter some. 

So in counter attack, scheming like a Democrat, is it possible Christine pursued, again and again, Brett and was rejected; indifferently or cruelly?

Is it possible he has no recollection of her in that context? 

Is it possible she was emotionally traumatized?

Yesterday I posed that thought to women and men; individually - face-to-face and on the phone. 

No one laughed. Nor dismissed the possibility. In fact, more common was they'd not considered the possibility.

Of course not. Rabid Democrats and media scream Dr. Ford's a victim, believe her (though she has not a shred of evidence), and Judge Kavanaugh is a gang rapist (though there is plenty of proof he is not). 

I remember some cruel boys in high school. 

And I remember some girls whose cruelty well-eclipsed anything the boys could muster. 

It is possible Christine had a crush on Brett?

And today's politics and #me-too culture favors the woman scorned?

No (reasonable) doubt. 

Dr. Ford's allegation has big problems. Nothing, including folks she cites as witnesses, support her or her charge.

Thus, the Democrats scheme has collapsed. They continue attacking, anyway. 

The First Law of Hit Jobs: All conspirators must tell the exact same story.

How's that for thinking, emotional irrationality, and counter attacking like a Democrat? 


Tom Green said...

I believe it was when Patton defeated Rommel good old George is credited with the line "I read your book you Bastard". If one can truly learn from history then perhaps Republicans should learn from Patton.

I have great difficulty imagining having a discussion with my wife about two front doors because of her long repressed memory of a sexual assault that took place in a bedroom with one door. More believable is two doors in the bedroom since most homes have more than one exterior exit. But then again my wife is not a Democrat - but for sure is a swan.

Anonymous said...

Great theory, Andy. One postulated two days ago by one very smart woman, my wife.