21 September 2018


By Andy Weddington
Friday, 21 September 2018

Serious sport is war minus the shooting. George Orwell

"The deadliest weapon in the world is a Marine and his rifle," said General John Pershing, U. S. Army.

That's because Marines are taught how to put dope on their rifle. And to shoot. 

Dope - windage and elevation - clicks up and down, left and right on front and rear sights - being that necessary to put rounds on target. To kill. 

Earlier today on Facebook I saw that a Marine posted something about this Ford sexual assault allegation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

It's tiresome. 

The Democrats and nutty left have lost their minds (assuming any ever had one). They have already convicted the judge. They send death threats to him and his wife and children. Imagine were they to get their hands on him. 

Blah, blah, blah goes their support for Ford.  

On that Facebook post I could not resist commenting in analogy, "She's the sniper rifle, with bad dope, in the shoulder of assassins."

Translation: There's no windage nor elevation on the rifle. The assassins are trying to kill but can't hit the target.

Had Ford a truthful story, she'd have testified "yesterday." She'd have demanded to. And without absurd, laughable really, conditions.

There's no dope. 

She cannot cite where and when the alleged assault took place. She cannot provide witnesses. She has not produced any photographs. She has not produced compelling, irrefutable proof of any kind.  

She's a rifle with no dope.

Consequently, impossible to hit the target much less kill it. 

And then there are the dopes aplenty, rabid as rabid can be, running amok aiming to kill a man with an allegation.

That is not how justice works in America.

In America the accused is innocent until proved guilty beyond reasonable doubt. 

In America the accused gets to face the accuser.

In America the accused is entitled to defense.

And on go protections provided the accused. 

For it is unconscionable, though it happens, to convict an innocent man. 

The highest form of proof is admission.

Judge Kavanaugh has not confessed. 

Judge Kavanaugh denies every element of the allegation with the strongest alibi possible - he didn't do it because he wasn't there.

What every defense attorney relishes - an airtight alibi.  

So unless Judge Kavanaugh is proved to have been present and corroborated to have assaulted Ford he's not guilty. 

It's all about the dope.

Ready. Aim. Fire! (not Fire! Ready. Aim. nor Aim. Ready.) 

Simple as that.

Now, back to justice - find the damn assassins, prove, and take them out. 

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Jim said...

Well put my brother! I too posted on my blog the whole story about the Blasey woman and her all girls school she attended. Twas quite revealing. We do not Ready, Aim, Fire anymore, of course unless it happens to be in reference to a Democrat. What a shame our Justice system has become, she's no longer blind.